Tamil Nadu SSLC Mathematics Papers


The SSLC Examination conducted by the Government is an important exam for those who wish to gain higher education. In many cases it is a mandatory require for undergraduate programmes. The admission of the student to Higher Secondary level depends greatly on SSLC. It consists of English, Tamil, Math, Science and Social Science Examinations, the former two having two papers each. The math exam lasts for two and half hours. There is a specific format for the exam. Since math is a subject where the student can score from good to full marks, a good deal of practice will help to significantly improve overall scores. The math paper is divided into two parts namely Part A and Part B.

Part A comprises of 60 questions, each one carrying one mark. Again all these questions have four alternatives form which the student is expected to choose the right one.  The answers have to be written in the paper itself. There is some space provided for the same. Part 2 mainly has 16 questions. They could either be two mark questions or four mark questions. All the questions asked in the exam are from the syllabus itself.

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