U.P Board Intermediate Computer Application Papers


Considering the recent growth in the IT industry in India, Computer application paper in U.P. Board Intermediate exam holds a lot of importance. If you have taken up this paper as one of your subjects, you had done absolutely the right thing, but would that be all. No, you need to score well in this paper and for that you need a sound preparation and better understanding of the paper. For that matter if your preparation is coupled with better understanding of the paper pattern, no one can stop to score better in this paper.

How Would The Paper Look Like In The First Place?

There are three different sections in the paper Section A, Section B and Section C. Questions from all three sections have to be attempted.

Know The Paper Pattern Better And You Can Score Well

The first section offers ten very short answer based questions, which are compulsory to attempt. Candidates are advised to answer each question in about one or two sentences. In the first section, questions from all over the syllabus are asked and candidates are expected to properly prepare, especially for this section. The second section offers eight short answer based questions, out of which candidates have to attempt any six. The third and the final section offers a maximum of three Long or Essay answer based questions, out of which candidates have to attempt any two.

Knowing the paper pattern better is just half the work done, as you need to know the markings as well to complete the sphere of scoring better in this paper.

Strengthen Your Chances By Knowing The Numbers

The paper offers a total of sixty marks. The first section has twenty marks, with each question offering two marks. The second section has twenty-four marks, with each question offering four marks. The last section has sixteen marks, with each offering eight marks. No form of negative marking incur in the paper.

Time allotted for examination:

The time duration of the paper is three hours.

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    mujhe 12th computer science ka practical work ka pata lagana h

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    i want to give exam again intermediate only physic subject because in this subject came to grace mark..i fill application form or not.or any boundance pls give answer(U.P.BOARD ALLAHABAD)