U.P Board Intermediate Home Science Papers


The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Sikhsha Parishad organizes board exams in Uttar Pradesh at various levels. Class 12 board exam is termed as intermediate. Many government and private schools are affiliated with it. This board has many streams at the intermediate level. Home science is a subject in the intermediate level. Scoring well in this paper is very important. One can achieve this by being thorough with the syllabus. Practicing previous years’ question paper also boosts up the preparation.

Medium of Language

The question paper is available in Hindi and English.

Pattern of the Paper

The paper consists of 22 questions out of which all are compulsory. The paper lacks section but still it has been divided into groups depending on the marks and the word limit. The first type of question ranges from 1 to 6 which are to be answered in not more than 30 words. Second type of question ranges from 7 to 12 and word limit for these questions is 50 words. Questions 13 to 17 are to be written in 75 words and questions 18 to 22 in about 120 words.

Marks for different questions in different Sections

Marks ranges from 2 to 5. First section of question carries 2 marks, 2nd section carries 3 marks, 3rd section carries 4 marks and 5th section carries 5 marks. Maximum marks for this paper is 75.

Time Allowed

Student is allowed to write the examination maximum for 3 hours.

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