U.P Board Intermediate Elements & Animal Husbandry Papers


The U.P. Board conducts examination for class 12 through the various schools all over the state on the subject Elements & Animal Husbandry. The paper carries a maximum of 75 marks and for that the candidate has to answer almost 22 questions.

No Divisions Or Sub-divisions in the Paper

The question paper consists of 22 questions in total without any subdivision or section. All the questions are compulsory for the students to answer though there are some questions with internal choices.

Time duration & Marks:

3 hrs are allotted for the completion of the exam & the paper is 75 marks based written examination.

The paper:

Students are required to write 22 questions in total. The marks assigned for each question is indicated at the end of each question.  Candidates should write their answer in their own words and answer without having any context to the paper may be a reason of deduction in marks. A student is required to answer all the questions.  There are some instructions given in the beginning of the paper which instructs the students about the word limit of each question e.g.  Questions from 1 to 6 should be written within 30 words, from 7 to 12 in about 60 words, from 13 to 17 in about 75 words and question from 18 to 22 should be written within 120 words.

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