UPSC Mains Manipuri (Paper I) Papers


Union Public Service Commission of India conducts examination for civil services and the entrance exam comprises of 2 successive stages: Prelims and Mains. In Main Examination, literature section also have Manipuri as one of the languages.

Paper Description

Literature paper on Manipuri has two papers, Manipuri (Paper I) and Manipuri (Paper II) and here we would be laying stress on Manipuri (Paper I). This paper mainly includes topics like development history of Manipuri and it’s general characteristics, status and importance amongst North-East Indian languages of Tibet and Burma, study on recent development and evolution of old script (Manipuri), significant features which includes morphology, phonology and syntax of the language etc. Manipuri Paper I also includes literary history and folk literature of Manipuri and Cultural aspects of Manipuri.

Paper pattern

Candidates writing Manipuri (Paper I) paper have to attempt 5 questions out of the given 8 questions. Question number 1 and question number 5 are compulsory and the rest 3 candidates can chose from the remaining five questions. Moreover, question paper has two sections, A and B; and each of them have 4 questions each. As told before, candidates have the option to chose 3 from the remaining 6 questions (excluding no. 1 & no. 5), but that they have to achieve by attempting at least 1 question from each of the section. Each of the question carry 60 marks each.

No multiple choice questions feature in the paper, neither do the candidate have the option to answer Manipuri (Paper I) paper in any other language except the Manipuri language. More so, question paper as well is set in Manipuri language.

Maximum marks and time allowed

Maximum marks for Manipuri (Paper I) paper of UPSC is 300 and maximum time allowed for the same is 3 hours.

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