What to do after B.Tech Agricultural Engineering?


Agricultural Engineering is one of the diverse disciplines in the engineering field. It is sometimes known as Biological engineering. The course mainly aims in the development and creation of tools and equipments that are required for the development of farming techniques. Also the course can be said as the application of engineering technologies for the improvement of agricultural industry.

The agricultural field is now highly modernized and competitive with a lot of specialties and techniques. Therefore the demand for the qualified agricultural engineers is also exponentially increasing. This field has become a major contribution for various agricultural productions both directly and indirectly.

B.Tech in agricultural engineering can be pursued after the successful completion of higher secondary education or equivalent from any reputed institutions. Many universities in India provide this undergraduate degree. The career opportunities for these graduates are plenty nowadays due to the increasing advancements in the field of agriculture. These professionals can specialize in areas such as

  • Designing power and machine systems
  • Animal or plant production
  • Environmental management
  • Food and bioprocess

Major jobs handled by these graduates in these industries are resulting in improving agricultural farm equipments, design and manufacture of agricultural products, etc.

Higher Studies Options after B.Tech Agricultural Engineering

After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in agricultural field candidates can either go for a job or can continue the higher education. A bunch of specializations are there in this field for higher studies. Candidates can pursue master’s degree in various specializations. Some of the higher study options are

  • Master of Engineering - Agricultural Engineering
  • Master of Engineering - Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
  • Master of Engineering - Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Master of Engineering - Irrigation Water Management
  • Master of Engineering - Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
  • Master of Engineering - Water Recourse Engineering
  • Master of Engineering - Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering
  • Master of Technology - Agricultural Engineering
  • Master of Technology - Agricultural Water Management
  • Master of Technology - Water Resource Engineering
  • Doctoral programmes in the related field are an option after post graduation.

Job Opportunities for B.Tech Agricultural Engineering Graduates

Agricultural Engineering is a wide field that offers a bright career to the graduates. They can get into a lucrative job in both public and private sectors after the completion of B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering. Some of the fields they can perform are

  • Government & Public sector organizations
  • Food processing & Retail industry
  • Agribusiness firms
  • Research organizations or Laboratories
  • Sales & Management
  • Banks & Finance Corporations

They can work as field officers, rural development officers, agricultural and probationary officers, etc. in these industries.

Short Term Courses for Agricultural Engineering Graduates

Various short term courses are also there for these graduates at Diploma, PD Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. These short term course will add a value for grabbing a bright career afterwards. The short term courses may help to develop and update the advanced knowledge and skills in this field. Those with graduation in other disciplines in engineering or management can also join for these short courses depending on their interest and career goal.



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