Agricultural Engineer - How to become an Agricultural Engineer?


Agricultural engineering is one of the traditional branches in the engineering field which applies the engineering technologies to the development of agricultural processing and productions.  Agricultural engineers’ job includes development of agricultural processes, soil and water preservation, food processing and distribution. They integrate various principles of math, science and technology to carry out their works. Their works also include designing and development of agricultural equipments, diverse solutions to environmental issues that are required for the efficient and effective agricultural production.

Qualifying Exam

To become a successful agricultural engineer, one needs a minimum qualification of undergraduate degree in agricultural engineering or any related disciplines. Since some of the agricultural engineers work mostly with the electrical systems and mechanical sections, the degree in other engineering disciplines like electrical and mechanical are usually accepted for the entry level jobs. The higher graduation in agricultural engineering will help them to get high designation jobs and better pay packages in this field.

Who is eligible to apply?

The students who have pursued the 10+2 examinations with mathematics from any recognized institutions can apply for the bachelor’s degree programme in agricultural engineering or related subjects. Many universities in India offer the agricultural engineering courses from undergraduate level to the PhD level. And those with the minimum qualification of bachelor’s degree in this can get into the entry level jobs in agricultural fields.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue pass in the 12th examinations with mathematics as one of the compulsory subject from any reputed schools.
  • Obtain the bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering or related disciplines from any reputed university which offers this course.
  • Search for the jobs in agricultural sector in any public or private sector firms and apply for it.

Otherwise pursue the master’s degree in any specialization in agricultural engineering and seek for better jobs.

Skills required for an Agricultural Engineer

The agricultural engineers must possess some exceptional skills to carry out their duties efficiently. They have to work with the farmers, other engineers or scientists in most of the situations, so it is necessary that they must be able to understand the diverse issues and must have good communication skills. Besides this, they also need good problem solving skills and thorough knowledge in the concerned subjects.



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