What to do after M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry?


M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry is a master’s degree course in Chemistry which is of two years duration. This particular course in Analytical Chemistry provides complete training in the field of applied Chemistry. Analytical Chemists are employed in different fields such as forensic Science, Scientific research and agriculture. The role of an Analytical Chemist is to conduct experiments and to analyze the results. The curriculum of this course includes theoretical and practical classes. The course in M.Sc Analytical Chemistry gives thorough training in analytical chemistry and its usage in the industrial laboratories. The department of Analytical Chemistry consists of the most modern analytical instruments. These instruments are used by the students during their regular practical sessions.

Higher Studies Options after M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry

Students those who have pursued the master’s degree course in Analytical Chemistry can opt for higher education in the similar field. The post graduates of this course can enter a wide variety of fields such as Chemicals, national laboratories, pharmaceuticals, environmental management and several instrument companies. The interested candidates can go for doctoral level courses in the related area.

They can choose any of the following courses as their higher study option-

  • M.Phil. (Applied Chemistry)
  • M.Phil. (Chemistry)
  • M.Phil. (Industrial Chemistry)
  • M.Phil. (Analytical Chemistry)
  • M.Phil. (Drug Chemistry)
  • M.Phil. (Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  • M.Phil. (Physical & Materials Chemistry)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Job Opportunities after M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry

The post graduate degree holders can find employment in a variety of fields related to Chemistry and its applications. One of the most common job profiles that are being offered to the candidates who have completed postgraduate degree in Analytical Chemistry is Analytical Chemist. These candidates can work in research as well as pharmaceutical sectors. The Analytical Chemists are in high demand in molecular and chemical industries. The Biotechnology sector also recruits these candidates. As the job scope is very high in this field, the candidates can also join as chemical supervisors in molecular or biotechnological industries. Candidates are free to choose their career path in any of these sections mentioned above.

Short Term Courses for M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry

Post graduates in Analytical Chemistry can also pursue short term courses in the related field. The short term courses enable them to get into a good job profile. Some of the short term courses that are being offered in the field of Analytical Chemistry are Post Graduate Diploma in analytical Chemistry, Post Graduate Diploma in industrial analytical Chemistry and Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Chemical Quality Control.



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    jakiya pathan:

    Now i m in B s c. I want to TAKtake ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY in msc. i would like job after m s c but only in pune .
    i want ask which type of job are offered after m s c.
    which jobs are easy for girls but also after marrieg .

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    satish nikam:

    what job opportunity after m.sc analytical chemistry?

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    which universities opering P.G Diploma inindustrial andanalytical chemistry and also quality control how can take admision in it

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    short term course after MSc Analytical Chemistry and course offering Universities?