M.Sc in Chemistry, Chemistry M.Sc


Master’s degree course in chemistry deals with the studies of the chemistry and its various applications in various fields. It mainly deals with the chemical aspects of the various elements and its properties and utilizations. It includes the studies and research in the fields of Nuclear Chemistry, Nuclear power plants and about the surrounding elements and elements which are under the earth. Its main point of view is the studies about atoms and how every particle is composed of an atom. It basically deals with atoms and other particles like Electron, Proton and Neutron.

The eligibility criteria to get admission in M.Sc chemistry is that one should have the bachelor’s degree.

Course Outlook:

The course of M.Sc which is a master degree course is full time course of 2 years. These 2 years are again divided into two parts, each part of one year. After every year one needs to pass in the examination after which he or she is promoted to the next year.

Job Prospects:

There is a huge job opportunities for the M.Sc degree holders. Chemistry is the field of research where you can discover new things which is very beneficial for the mankind as well as for the environment. After completion of the master’s degree one can also choose the teaching profession. One can also join the research projects and also can join the research laboratories. There are also various chemical and pharmaceuticals companies that recruit the MSC degree holders in chemistry.

Best Places to Pursue:

University of Delhi
Jadavpur University
Bethune College
St.Xaviers College



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  1. 662

    Hi,sir/madam plz Msc Chemistry Tamilnadu University or college in governmentapplication details and Appliedprocess and application dates and more information plz take.plz help me.

  2. 661

    sir. now iam doing bsc chem hons from himachal.pl tell me about various entrance exam of msc chem and iam quiet confuse to do in which field.pl help me.

  3. 660
    mihir kumar maharana:


    i would like to know when will entrance exam publish and which type preparation required for qualify to conquire jadabapur university seat????

  4. 659
    mihir kumar maharana:


    i would like to know when will entrance exam publish and which type preparation required for qualify to conquire jadabapur university seat

  5. 658

    i would want to M.Sc chemistry entrance exam date and model Q&A

  6. 657
    Gajanan vyawhare:

    Sir plz tell me:Msc chemistry entrance exam syllabus and details.how to prepare the entrance exam? And i have bamua Msc chemistry entrance question paper of 2013

  7. 656
    yogesh chavan:

    sir,plz tell me i am interested in chemistry for m.sc.still i am in final year tell me about bamua cet entrance all detail and may i aplicable for other state entranse exams plz tell mi all dates

  8. 655

    I have bamua MSC chemistry entrace question paper of 2013

  9. 654

    sir recently i am studying b.sc.ty[chemistry] ,i am intreasted in chemistrt but i am confused about scope after m.sc.chem ,so suggest me about that

  10. 653

    sir,am an average student,now am studying in final year b.sc. I want to do m.sc.chemistry from join,so pls send m.sc.chemistry syllabus and exam time table..thn which university offer this one..

  11. 652

    This year 2013-2014 i’m finishing the b.sc chemistry.M.sc chemistry studied at tamilnadu university like trichy please details about e
    ntrance exam syllabus details and easily i went to job interest in laboratry

  12. 651
    vilas dhanwade:

    i ask for central univercity m sc chemistry entrance question paper of previous year

  13. 650
    ashwini bara:

    How to get admission into msc in pharmaceutical chemistry?

  14. 649
    Tamil selvan:

    sir plz tell me:Msc chemistry entrance exam slabus and detales.how to prepar the entrance exam? your advise plz/

  15. 648
    prince sahu:

    state the first law of thermodynamic. give the mathmatical statement also?

  16. 647
    pandya n b:

    plz send me m.sc in chemistry practical exam date

  17. 646
    payal shrivastav:

    plz send me du msc chem merit list 2013

  18. 645
    meenakshi sharma:

    How to apply msc entrance exam form and exam date

  19. 644
    justin fernandes:

    i would like to know the date of M.sc enterence exam

  20. 643
    Surajit Ghosh:

    want to see the last five years question papers of entrance exam of msc cource in chemistry in day and evening shift both.

  21. 642
    s rajashekar reddy:

    msc botany exam and zoology exam time table

  22. 641

    I want to know exam date & time table of M.Sc 4th sem

  23. 640

    date of entrance exam d.u

  24. 639
    mscchemistry entrane date:

    entrance date of msc chemistry for ou

  25. 638

    plz tell me date ofapplication form induistrial chemistrey in srtmun

  26. 637

    Plz tell me date of examination form for msc chemistry in du,jnu,ku,mdu,gju.n also tell the syllabus of m.sc entrance test.

  27. 636

    plztell me date of examination forms for m.s.c. chemistry
    in DU, PU, MDU, KU, IPU, GJU

  28. 635

    what is the date of msc cet entrance for chemistry?

  29. 634
    Ramesh sahu:

    what is the syllabus of msc intrance exam chemistry in ggu center gov chhattisgarh

  30. 633
    safia bano:

    sir i could not found chemistry syllabus for amu entrance test

  31. 632

    2013 M.Sc in Chemistry,new joining entrance exam application issed date

  32. 631

    m.sc chemistry entrance exam time table of 2013, syllabus, preffrence books, last 4years papers, exam pattern,

  33. 630

    m.sc chemistry entrance exam time table, syllabus, preffrence books, last 4years papers, exam pattern,

  34. 629

    doing M.sc in chemistry: what kind of jobs or opportunities available in arab countries and in india.

  35. 628
    d.p sharma:

    sir,m.sc chem. application form of jnu delhi ki last date kya hai

  36. 627
    vineeta gangwar:

    please send me detail of m.sc. in chemistry entrance exam date 2013 and material

  37. 626

    m.sc chemistry entrance exam 2013 date and fees details?

  38. 625

    please send me time table and detail of m.sc. in chemistry & zoology entrance exam 2013 and material.

  39. 624


  40. 623

    what is the syllabous of entrance exam for m.sc chemistry jnu delhi & also send the date of entrance exam 2013

  41. 622
    fathi almohair:

    Dearest sir
    I have received your letter .I send you my best wishes and respect
    I shall be gold if you help me it very important.
    i work in Sana’a university (Yemen),i am chemist and i am technical lab in chemistry dep.
    and i am student research in master’s degree.
    I have recently joined in Sana’a University in 1999-2000as technical lab of chemistry.
    i need to Environmental Radiochemistry MSc scholarships in middle east
    Me Certificates;-
    1- Bachelor degree in chemistry 1994-1995.
    2- Diploma of master’s degree in inorganic chemistry.
    I shall be grateful if you could let me know if you consent that.
    I am very gold to have your trust, your cooperation, i hope to help me and serve me.
    I hope that will be the starting point of a fruitful relationship between us.
    I will be beholder and very much obliged to you,I hope to receive your answer soon.
    Thank you for your noble and kind behavior,And thank you for your sincere cooperation.

    Yours truly
    fathi hael almohair

  42. 621
    nisha garg:

    sir,i want to know the syllabus for pu(m.sc chemistry)

  43. 620

    what is the syllabous of entrance exam for m.sc chemistry jnu delhi & also send the date of entrance exam 2013

  44. 619

    i am a 3rd year student in delhi university .i want to do m.sc in chemistry can you please help me to tell which are the best university in india and the syllabus for that exam and pattern of exam and where i get the sample papers and any recommended books for that
    my email id is [email protected]

  45. 618


  46. 617

    please send me exam time table and details of msc chemistry entrance examination 2013 ,,,, materials

  47. 616

    please send me du m.sc. chemistry merit list on my e-mail id

  48. 615
    athira prakash.m:

    send me exam time table and details of msc chemistry entrance examination 2012

  49. 614

    Please send me exam time table for Msc entrance chemistry

  50. 613

    what is the syllabus of msc chemistry entrence exam

  51. 612

    I want to pruse Msc in chemistry from banglore univesity what is the website to fill the online application form and when is the last date

  52. 611

    sir i want msc chemistry entrence syllabus .

  53. 610

    i have pass bsc in this year. so i whnt to do msc with chemistry in part time. plz help to faiding any college in Gujarat near to valsad..

  54. 609

    sir will you plz tell me about the entrance exam details for the integrated course M.sc in chemistry at IIT.

  55. 608
    vijendra tanwar:

    sir, plz tell me how to take admission in m.sc chemistry in uni. of raj.and jnu delhi entrance exam last date for this.

  56. 607

    sir,plz tell me how to take admission in msc chemistry in mnit jaipur,when is the entrance exam for this

  57. 606

    please tell me cet exam date

  58. 605
    roshan ali:

    sir, i want to do m.sc in chemisrty from your college so plz giving me informetion. i know your syllabus and intrence exam date. so plz call me on this no. 9827549678 and giving me information.

  59. 604

    I’m keen to know about the procedure/details of Entrance Examination for M.Sc. and appreciate a lot if provided.

  60. 603
    virendra mawandia:

    sir , i want do msc chemistry sir i wan know salbus and test date sir plige cal me 9461508212 your sun virendra mawandia

  61. 602

    is there msc in chemistry honours in jadavpur university kolkata

  62. 601

    give me information about m.sc chemestry exam date and notification of DU 2012

  63. 600

    tail me about entres exam syllabus and filling date of the form’s

  64. 599

    when last date msc organi chemistry entrance test & which place provid

  65. 598


  66. 597
    sunita panda:

    hw to qualify in entrance exam?
    wht sort of questions wil cum in entrance?

  67. 596
    Mainak Chakraborty:

    Date and criteria for appearing in entrance exam for chemistry M SC from Visyavarati

  68. 595
    gayatri choudhary:

    sir plz tell me about date of m.sc entrance exam

  69. 594

    sir i want to ask about entrance exam date of m.sc. and what is the admission criteria?

  70. 593
    aman giri:

    sir plz send me application form of m.sc. entrance exam and information of exam date

  71. 592

    give me information about m.sc chemestry exam date and notification of DU and JNU

  72. 591

    im from dharwad unn.student then which procedure i hav to follow to get the admision for pune unniversity?

  73. 590

    i want to know the last date of msc entrance exam 2012 jadavpur university.

  74. 589

    I want to do Regular MSC in Chemistry… I am from Gurgaon. Please suggest me a good collage and procedure for getting admission…..

  75. 588
    lokesh kumar:

    notes on industial &seage detergents

  76. 587
    Nidhi Agarwal:

    I have done B.sc. pass course in Biology. I want to take admission in MNIT jaipur for M.Sc.
    Plz give me all procedure of admission in MNIT.
    Thank u

  77. 586

    sir tell me the m.s.c chemistry entramce exam dates

  78. 585
    pratibha mishra:

    sir,i want to do msc chemistry from rajasthan university jaipur…plz tell me last date of msc form.

  79. 584
    shikha tyagi:

    i just want know abot all the Msc chem (hons) entrance exam information

  80. 583
    please give information about notification for for entrance exam of msc organic chemistry and about forms of application:

    give information as soon as possible

  81. 582
    Neha Gupta:

    Sir please tell me about m.sc chemistry entrance application form.

  82. 581

    plz send msc cet exam date

  83. 580
    putan singh:

    please send notification for entrance exam of msc.pharmaceutical chemistry

  84. 579
    chinna machipuram:

    i want what is due date of the msc in organic chemistry entrans exams??

  85. 578

    sir please tell me the entrance exam aplication form

  86. 577

    M.Sc Entreance Exam Application Form 2012

  87. 576

    Which date for m.sc chemistry entrens application in madras university

  88. 575

    sir please tell me the entrance exam dates of tamil nadu colleges for m.sc chemistry

  89. 574

    sir, please tell me best college in Msc

  90. 573

    sir i want to do m.sc chemistry from rajasthan university,jaipur………pls tell me last date of m.sc forum

  91. 572

    I have completed my degree with Botany, Chemistry & Computer Applications. Please tell me that, am i eligible to do MSc.Computers?

  92. 571

    Please tell me sir eligibility for entrance exam of Jnu entrance
    Msc organic chemistry.And i have the 56% percentage in degree
    weather i am eligible for entrance examPlease tell me about that sir.

  93. 570

    can i know the quetion paper pattern of m.sc chem.prev. of rajasthan uni .jaipur

  94. 569

    sir,plz tell me the appication form issue date from barathiyar university and entrance exam date.

  95. 568

    sir i want to do the msc organic chemistry in pune uni so pls tell me how to download application form?? what is the last date of submission of entrans application form ??

  96. 567

    date of examination forms for m.s.c. chemistry

  97. 566

    can you please give me dates for release of application forms for M.sc. chemistryentrance exam for the following colleges: Avinashilingam college for woman coimbatore.

  98. 565

    sir, plz tell me about the fee structure of M.sc organic chemistery in kuk

  99. 564

    date of examination forms for m.sc. chemistry

  100. 563

    please me tell entrance exam date of msc chemistry in pune clges

  101. 562
    Tejas gitte:

    sir, please tell me date for m.sc.(chem)cet exam for 2012?

  102. 561
    anil tupe:

    what is the date of entrance exam of 2011-2012?

  103. 560
    Ravinder Sharma:

    Sir, kindly tell me about the syllabus of M.Sc. entrance exam(Chemistry).???

  104. 559
    Birma Ram:

    Sir,Please tell me the date of entrance exam for this year in chemistry subject.

  105. 558

    Entrance exam notification to msc chemistry

  106. 557
    Ramchandra maurya:

    Please send me any infermation of M.Sc. Of this collage

  107. 556

    Dear Sir,
    Plz let me know the when opeening the forms of MSc chemistry entace exam in IIT Delhi.

  108. 555
    sachin patil:

    sir plse tell me msc chemistry entrence exam date

  109. 554

    plz sir any info. about msc chemistry by distance edu. in maharastra

  110. 553


  111. 552

    i want coaching centre in pune for m.sc chemistry entrance test. please send………. PUNE

  112. 551

    i want coaching centre for m.sc chemistry entrance test. please send……….

  113. 550

    how to prepare for net exam and other than teaching is there any work in other field for chemistry (govt) ?

  114. 549

    plz tell me sir syllabus for m.sc.chemistry??hw can i get admission?

  115. 548

    wat is the procedure for m.sc.chemistry in jnu??plz tell me wat is the last date for admission?

  116. 547

    i want to do msc organic chemistry as iam from b.sc chemical technology final year.i dont have idea about msc organic chemistry how to approch and what to prepare and which subjects and which topics to prepare please i request to you suggest me …thank you

  117. 546

    Sir please tell me what is the syllabus of m.sc chemistry entrance exam of hpu

  118. 545
    akanksha verma:

    Sir, i am a second yr chemistry hnrs student. i want to do masters in chemistry from IIT JAM or Delhi University. please tell me about the syllabus of the entrance exam and how can i get question papers of previous entrance exam. please reply as soon as possible sir.

  119. 544
    Mayank tripathi:

    Sir, please send me the syllabus and examination dates of jnu Msc. Chemistry

  120. 543

    What is the advantege of Net exam?

  121. 542
    pooja jaiswal:

    how can i qualify net exam

  122. 541
    diptiranjan sutar:

    can i know the the question pattern of msc chem in hu

  123. 540
    Jaya singh:

    Send me information regardin msc in chemistry………….regardin form,eligibility etc…………thnkk u sir

  124. 539
    sagar patil:

    dates of m.sc chemistry entrance exam 2012 in BAMU university.

  125. 538
    sachin basutkar:

    please send me syllabus of entrance examination in Msc chemistry of mumbai university and send me the all college names of mumbai university

  126. 537
    teena choudhary:

    when the entrance exam form for M.Sc in chemistry avialable (raj,.university) ???

  127. 536

    i am bsc (chemistry) student .from where can i do my msc in chemistry? what are its scopes

  128. 535

    syllabus and question papers of msc chemistry entrance

  129. 534

    Sir when will u release the notification for M.Sc chemistry Entrance Exam

  130. 533
    vandana jiloha:

    i want to do MSC in chemistry from jnu . i wanted information regarding syllabus of entrance exam and also about last date of form submition.

  131. 532

    i want to do m.sc organic chemistry through distane learning as soon as i finish my b.sc..
    pls provide sufficient info

  132. 531

    i am studying correspondence Msc chemistry madras university distance education ,i want to msc chemistry model question paper

  133. 530

    Sir am an average student, now am studieng in final yr bsc i took chemistry as a minor subject. i want to do msc in organic chemistry, will i get seat in bangalore university?. And what is the cut off percentage for msc. i took biology as major subjct (botany& zoology). so is am fit for doing msc in organic chemistry please inform me.

  134. 529

    plz tell me about date sheet of msc pre. in ccs university

  135. 528

    i need past year papers for msc chemistry of rajasthan university and delhi university

  136. 527
    khadke shivaji:

    please give syllabus of chemistry univercity of pune

  137. 526
    prashant dahikar:

    i want time table of entrance exam of chemistry how can i get it plz help me

  138. 525
    bhavani prasad:

    what is the msc chemistry entrans examination previous questions papers pattern

  139. 524

    I am a final year b.sc applied chemistry student(correspondence). Can i eligible to join m.sc general chemistry? And may i know where?

  140. 523
    deepak goyal:

    i m a average student.and i want to do m.sc. without any more tough competition.and i wnt to job early.so suggess me which branch of chemistry is comfort and portable for me in rajasthan…

  141. 522

    sir, i wanted to do m.sc. in chemistry from du.i wanted to information regarding syllabus of an entrance exam…

  142. 521
    rahul saraf:

    sir i want to do msc in chemistry from delhi university …plz give me all informations to addmission thank you

  143. 520

    Please send msc chemistry entrence modal paper with answer key to my mail.

  144. 519

    i need previous question papers of entrance exams for msc.chemistry in hyderabad university?

  145. 518
    mayur lamkhade:

    what i do ? after bsc chemistry,whish coures get admission,Msc biochemistry,Msc bio tech.,Msc nalyticalya other coures.plz sugest me plz..

  146. 517

    what is the admission procedure to get admission for M.Sc Chemistry in bangalore?

  147. 516
    sanju solanki:

    sir i wantr to fill up M.Sc. final year chemistry online form from rajsthan university .tell me the processor please

  148. 515
    what is merit in entrance past year:

    what is eligibility percentage in Msc entrance exam

  149. 514
    M.Sc chemistry 1st year quetion paper:

    m.sc 1st year quetion paper pls send me my mail id

  150. 513

    sir please tell mi the when will release the entrance exam of application of pune univercity and also the what will the date of exam of univercity of pune t

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