Difference between M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry and M.Sc in Applied Chemistry


M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry and M.Sc in Applied Chemistry are post graduate courses having duration of 2 years. Even though the name signifies both the courses as similar but, there are certain differences between these two courses. Analytical chemistry as the name suggests is a science which analyses the structure and composition of matter. The information regarding the composition, formation and processing of matter is the main basis of analysis. Both the qualitative and quantitative analysis is done in this case.  M.Sc in Applied Chemistry is a course which has immense scope. The course concentrates mainly on the application areas of Chemistry as a subject. The different concepts, theories and principles involved in chemistry are applied for the practical purposes in this case.

M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry and Opportunities

There are wide career avenues for those who are qualified in the area of Analytical Chemistry. The qualified candidates can get in to the position of Analytical Chemists in various firms. Research is an important area where in the candidates can focus on. Another significant job area lies in pharmaceutical companies. Job opportunities are available both in public as well as in private sector. The job profiles also exist in biotechnological firms, chemical industries etc. The candidates can also enter in to the academic positions also after successfully completing the post graduate qualification.

M.Sc in Applied Chemistry and Opportunities

As in the case of Analytical chemistry, there are numerous career vacancies for applied chemistry also. The qualified candidates can apply for jobs in Agricultural research organizations, medical research firms, testing laboratories, forensic crime research units and other type of research and development firms also. Some of the other employment areas include pharmaceutical companies, chemical manufacturers, engineering units etc. Education sector is also an important employment provider where in the interested candidates can join.

Key differences between M.Sc in Analytical Chemistry and M.Sc in Applied Chemistry

The significant variation between these two courses lies mainly in the application areas. Analytical Chemistry deals with the analysis part of the subject. Where as in case of the applied chemistry the important concepts involved in the subject are practically applied. The core area of employment also differs in case of both the courses.



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