Wool technology course and its aspect in the winter market


Each and every individual looks for a woolen wear during the shivering winter. This trend has been followed by people since ages. The search for the source behind the woolen wear and various technological innovations in the field has led to the introduction of Wool Technology course.

General outlook of the course

Wool technology courses are offered at diploma, graduate and post graduate levels. The special features of the course are mentioned below -

  • Deals with the study of humanities
  • Includes science subjects, mathematical statistics, and mathematics
  • Give importance on fibre production, pastures, and meat from gazing animals
  • Provides practical work on wool classing

The unique feature of the Wool Technology course is the treatment of the wool and various facets of red meat industries. The course also includes carbonizing, auction, exporting, shearing & clip preparation, fibre science, pasture production, animal science and husbandry, wool biology, assembly of bales, etc. The students who pursue the course are acquired with wool classing skills. These professionals will be interested in the preparation, harvesting, and production of wool. There are many short-tem courses in wool technology. The major part of the programme consists of practical learning in the shed.

Impact of Wool Technology course in winter

The most important aspect concerned with the wool technology course is the wool production in a large quantity from both the artificial and natural sources Every year it has been seen that there is an ever growing demand of the woolen wears. In this situation, wool technology course keeps a conscious eye on the production of wool so as to meet the demand. Before the introduction of the course, the production was carried out from the natural sources. However, the course has effectively innovated methods to produce it from the artificial sources as well.

The graduates in wool technology are enlightened with animal health and welfare, characteristics of various kinds of wool, significance of wool, biology of wool growth and removal, history of wool industry, etc. The wool technology course teaches the students about the methods to develop the quality of the wool that is produced. The synthetic ones and the other latest ones are seen to be more efficient in preventing the adverse effects of the winter. All these facts prove the significance of wool technology course in the winter market. The course will help in delivering even more innovations in this field in the coming days.



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