M.Sc. in Biotechnology


Biotechnology is one of the blooming courses of the era. If one takes the analysis of the present education market, one would find out that the rate with which the market of Biotechnology is blooming is beyond comparison. That is the reason that so many colleges are offering course of various levels in Biotechnology.

M.sc in Biotechnology is a master’s level course. Thus, the course deals with a lot of details and depth.As the name suggests, the course of Biotechnology means the technology aspect of Biology. The place where biology stops, the functioning and study of Biotechnology begins. Thus, in M.sc in biotechnology, one studies the various aspects in which the technology can be mixed with Biology in order to bring about desired and fruitful result to the mankind. The biological arenas which are yet not explored can be explored by the help of Biotechnology.

In order to be eligible for the course of M.sc in Biotechnology, one will have to be a graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in either Biotechnology or in a field related to Biotechnology. The graduation degree should be of a well recognized university of India.

Course Outlook:

Like all M.sc course, M.sc in Biotechnology is also a 2 years program. The degree is divided in 2 parts of 1 year each.

Job prospects:

There are plenty of jobs in the market after completing M.sc in Biotechnology. One can study more or can continue job. One can work in a pharmaceutical company, or various Biotech companies. Even various research organizations welcome this degree holder. One can also carry out their own research.

Best places to Pursue:

National Institute of Virology
Indian Institute of technology
University of Mysore
Central Research Institute



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62 Responses to “M.Sc. in Biotechnology”

  1. 62

    sir ,i am very confused. i am doing msc biotechnolgy last year.what i will do after .i want a job.

  2. 61
    shilpa mahajan:

    Can i get a better job after doing M.sc biotechnology

    wt can i do for better job

  3. 60

    hello,sir…am doing msc biotech final yr..i want some ideas for my project wrk..plz give good suggestion for doing best project

  4. 59
    kani mozhi:

    im studing m.scbiotechnology final year so i need best project topic.pls sir can u give me

  5. 58

    Can i get a better job after doing M.sc biotechnology

    wt can i do for better job

  6. 57
    Anjana gaur:

    Can i get a better job after doing M.sc biotechnology under DEP(Punjab Technical University)

  7. 56
    archana rai:

    fee for per samester msc.biotech.and total pement for year study?????????

  8. 55
    Jasnit Kaur:

    Please see I am puzzled as I have completed my B.Pharma and that now
    Some say I do biotechnology and some say I do a management course in related field of pharmacy. Please advise

  9. 54

    please i want last years entrance exam question paper of M Sc. in biotechnology

  10. 53

    Dear Sir / Madam

    Please tell me about M.Sc Biotehnology Distance larning course and how to apply in global Open university and also tell about last date of admission and fee.

  11. 52

    wen ur university issue the biotech enterane appliction

  12. 51
    vinay sharma:

    sir iam a Bsc plant biotech student kindly provide me a info i do Msc in medical biotech

  13. 50

    which university offers m.sc.biotechnology in corres in chenai.

  14. 49

    i am in Msc biotechnology final year. will complete in 2012.
    kindly tell me which type of job suites me in my future. and also about the list of jobs in india.

  15. 48
    Michael erugo:

    Good day Sir, im currently studing biotechnology (BSc) in university of Jos. I intend to study for masters abroad. Pls send me the neccessary details. God bless.

  16. 47
    jimah mercy:

    sir im a BSc microbiolgy student, want to go for my MSC in Biotechnology,i want to know the time for the entrance examination for the various Universities offering this course.

  17. 46

    Sir Im a T.Y.Bsc Biotechnology student.I want to pursue Msc Biotechnology after this .Sir can you tell me the entrance exams date from various universities.

  18. 45

    i have done my Msc Biotechnology from university of The Global open university last year. Can i get job in related pharma & clinical medical ? please let me know where should i approach for job.

  19. 44

    sir i want job in bio con can u tell the tips for preparing interview

  20. 43
    priyanka kharade:

    hi m in 3 rd year bsc biotchnology,n want to do msc in biotechnology
    so can u tell me entrance exams date of various university

  21. 42
    pradnya kamble:

    sir please send all infirmation

  22. 41
    kamal kant:

    sir,i m bsc2year and completed bsc1from 68.44% plz suggest me to prepare for msc biotech [email protected]

  23. 40

    i want to know that chemistry is compulsory in bsc for entrance of msc bio tecnology

  24. 39

    dear sir, i would like to that, i hv done my b.sc biotechnology in 2011. i just want to take admission in m.sc( animal biotechnology). plz. suggest me which one is better? if it is government collrge its more better for me

  25. 38

    about admision of biotech in august

  26. 37
    Reyaz Ahmad:

    dear sir, i would like to know, iam going to complete Bsc- Biotechnolgy in july 2011. and i want to get admission in msc biotechnology, so please suggest me which university or college is best for me in north India,hope Better Regards to you. Reyaz Ahmad. Patna

  27. 36

    i had completed my Bsc biotechnology.i want to join in msc biotechnology by attempting entrance exams.so pls sent the details of colleges list .

  28. 35
    latika more:

    do we require an entrance for msc in biotechnology in mumbai????????// please reply soon…………..


  29. 34

    i am a 10th appeared student &i have an interest in biology
    so i want to know about the course b.sc.& m sc. biotechnology
    and the job opprtunities after it.
    also i want to know whether university matters in the case of job opportunities.
    what is the salary of a man working in research centre after doing m sc biotechnology?
    eagarly waiting for your positive reply

  30. 33

    i want to know wether for mumbai university is there any entrance exam for msc in biotech,for mtech in biotech?if there,then wat is the date?is there entrance exam for bioanalytical?waitng for your reply.

  31. 32
    padariya aarti:

    i am complited my b.sc. in biotechnology.and now i want to do m.sc.so plz give me a list of courses in m.sc. and give the best course name of m.sc.

  32. 31

    Respected sir/ madam,
    I want to know the dates of entrance exam for M.Sc., biotechnology in bharathiar university.

  33. 30
    Ravi kuril:

    i want dates of all the entrance exam of pune colleges for msc biotecnology.

  34. 29

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I completed my UG in Biotechnology next i want to do my M.sc.,Biotechnology pls guide me.

  35. 28

    sir i am in B.Sc biotech2nd yearwith 62% marks pls suggest me to prepare for m.sc biotech

  36. 27

    sir, i am persuing bsc biotech and my cource is completed in september 2011.fuether i want to take admission in msc biotech in september session,is there any university or college where i can take admission in september 2011?

  37. 26
    suraj patil:

    Sir, i want entrance exam dates for MSC-Biotech of colleges in mumbai & form submission dates

  38. 25

    i am a bsc biotech student.want every detail from fees to no of seatz in msc biotech in manipal uni, karnataka

  39. 24

    i am pursuing m.sc biotechnology through sikkim manipal university through distance learning..will it be useful to me?
    what are the job prospects for me?please advice me..i will be very thankful to you.

  40. 23
    Sir, i want entrance exam dates for MSC-Biotech of colleges in mumbai.:

    [email protected]

  41. 22
    kimaya potdar:

    sir, i want the dates for entrance mumbai university for biotechnology

  42. 21
    Vishnu Kant Mudgal:

    Respected Sir/Mam
    I am student of M.ScBio-Technology 2nd Sem.student ,want todo my
    summer training from DRDO,New Dehli.
    How can I apply for this.
    Thank You

    Vishnu Kant Mudgal

    M.Sc Bio-Technology

    2 nd Sem.

  43. 20
    ashish sharma:

    sir, i want to know the course are came in m.s.c biotech entrance exam. whose better m.s.c biotech or m.s.c microbiology

  44. 19

    i m a bsc final yr student i wanna take admission in Msc biotechnology so plz kindly give me some guidelines for applying in some reputed universities of india

  45. 18

    i m persuing B.Sc. in Biotech.. I wnt 2 knw do any Entrance Exams required for Admission in M.Sc. Biotech in Mumbai University???
    And for other Universities which Entrance exams are required???
    plz tell me the name of Entrance exams for M.Sc. in Biotech in universities other than Mumbai & in Mumbai also if thr??????

  46. 17

    hi sir i want to do msc in biotech. plz may i know entrance exam date of 2011 of some good colleges.

  47. 16
    Ajit rai:

    Sir,I am pursuing my B.Sc biotech in final year and i want to do M.Sc biotech tell me about entrance exam and best college for that plz reply

  48. 15

    SIR, i am pursuing my graduation degree in lifescience 3rd year from delhi university and i want to do my m.s.c in biotecnology plz tell me the best college and date of entrance exam of 2011. and one more thing is that, doing m.sc in biotecnology in india is good or doing from abroad like US…. plz reply as soon as possible…..

  49. 14
    Anuja Sharma:

    sir,i want to about the colleges, dates of entrance exam and about the form dates for m.sc biotechnology.

  50. 13

    Sir, Please give me the details of admission and forms available in Biotechnology of Mumbai University for the year 2011

  51. 12
    shrawani patil:

    hello,sir i am pursuing my graduation degree in biotec and i want to do my m.s.c in biotecnology plz tell me the best college and date of entrance exam of 2011.pls do soon

  52. 11

    hi m in 3 rd year bsc ,n want to do msc in bioinfomatics
    so can u tell me entrance exams date of various university

  53. 10

    Sir iam b.sc biotech 3rd yr.but i want m.sc in same field. If i choose banglore colg how is it sir? How much money pay sir.

  54. 9
    Deepika Jaiman:

    sir, i m in b.sc 3 yr and i wnt to do m.sc in biotech and i also want to do that sort of course which will help protect our enviorment so, sir please tell the name of the institutes which offers such sort of courses and also please tell job aspects

  55. 8
    Sanjay sunwan:

    I am std.of bsc.biotech.final yr..want known which college will b suitable for PG in biotech.

  56. 7
    Sanjay Sunwan:

    Is their is any scope of ipr diploma after PG in biotech.

  57. 6
    ravi kuril:

    hello,sir i am pursuing my graduation degree in biotec and i want to do my m.s.c in biotecnology plz tell me the best college and date of entrance exam of 2011.

  58. 5
    sangeet kumar:

    i want to know that from where i can do M Sc. in biotechnology by enterance exam i have appearingmy B.sc in Biotechnology, please suggestad to me soma college of m.sc biotechnology.

  59. 4
    Pushpinder Singh:

    i want to know that from where i can do M Sc. in biotechnology or microbiology correspondence or distance learning course i have done my B.Tech in Biotechnology

  60. 3

    i’m studying final year B.Sc in BIOTECHNOLOGY. I want to do MBA in the same field… hence i want to know which college offers this course and what’s the eligibility. How can i get M.Sc previous entrance test papers?

  61. 2

    hi! I have done my b.sc in biochemistry,now i want to do my pg in biotechnology in the one of the best colleges in country. plz give info regarding list of colleges offering the course nd any entrance exam is being taken by them nd els…….plz help

  62. 1

    Sir, i,Ankita wants to know the date of entrance exam for m.sc biotechnology for 2010-2011 and syllabus for the exam. sir please reply!!!!