Advantages of marine engineering course in modern times


The deep blue ocean world is a great resource gifted to the men. It has provided men with a lot of beneficial aspects which includes that of navigation, treasures hidden within its foetus, and petroleum or other such crude fuels find deep below its bed. All these resources are bent upon marine engineering course for their exploitation and utilization.

Marine engineering course deals with enlightening the minds of the students with the strategies for digging out the crude oil and fossil fuels from deep below the sea bed, navigational support to the ships, exploitation of off shore reservoirs, maintenance  and care of ships and a lot of such other applications. Crude oil and fossil fuels deep below the sea bed is exploited and dig out by the marine engineers. The ships which unfortunately lose their way are found out and dragged back on their way by the marine engineers. This role of the marine engineers helps in saving numerous precious lives. Not to forget the maintenance and care of the ships this is dealt by the marine engineers. The upper body of the ship, its internal machines, electrical wiring and propellers are maintained by them. This helps in utilizing the ships to the best of their performance and for a longer life.

All these cite prove the great significance of marine engineering course in modern times. Hence marine engineering course proves to be a boon for the exploitation of blue world of the ocean, by men.



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    siddarth 74:

    hi sir is it possible to do marine engg after completing diploma with base 10th and stream in mechanical if there is any chance to possibe plz tell me the joining criteria and which entrance exam should be qualified ????

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    pravin shelke:

    how much fees required for B.E.MARINE FOR OPEN CATEGORY?
    how much MARKS required for B.E.MARINE FOR OPEN CATEGORY?

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    Raham Thulla:

    Sir! I’m completed diploma in Mechanical Engineering at this year 2012-2013 in Andhra Pradesh. I want to know That in Andhra Pradesh for marine engineering which colleges are best??? And what about marine engineers future??? Can you please mail me the answer please sir…….. mail ( [email protected])

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    i need b.ed correspodance but sir my per 42%89 so i can apply or not pl sir tell me but sir i experience in teaching 2 yrs in up. im present time working with naval design as assitant till feb 2010 so i my mail id my mail id [email protected] and my mo no 9654707391.

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    plese tell me about marine engeneering.

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    can i study marine engineering by any spsonser company…..

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    james emmanuel tom:

    please im deperate of partaking in any university offering marine engeneering anyway in this word.but i dont have sponsorship.please dont let brilliants minds waste.can you help me out?even by means of schollarship.any how im ready so far that admiision is mine.thanks08065147599.this is my number.god bless

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    i want to know how to get the sponsership latter to join the marine college ,gov. marine college mumbai