Influence of Marine Biology course in Taxonomy


Marine Biology is a course that still is in its developing stage and therefore has influential terms in the Taxonomy part. The course of marine biology is a part of the oceanography and relates to the study of living organism as well as marine creatures that reside in the water bodies. The course should not be mixed with marine ecology that is basically the study of marine lives and their relation to the marine ecology; it is the study of the animal itself.

Marine Biology course has significance contribution to the Taxonomy. The research oriented projects in the course lead to the discovery of new species in the animal kingdom that will help to understand the marine ecosystem. The science of Marine Biology includes phyla, families as well as genera that will help to classify the discovered animals in the right manner and help to develop Taxonomy. The course of Marine Biology has therefore influential terms in classifying the animals. The Marine Biology has been in the lead within the microscopy part that helps to discover new kinds of zooplanktons as well as phytoplankton. Thus in a way this has helped to understand the over all ecosystem as well as its implications in the daily lives.

The Taxonomy has therefore been largely contributed in the positive manner by the Marine Biology course. The course has also helped to create different new aspects in classifying these marine animals and has created various new branches in the same manner.



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