Aricent Placement Papers


Aricent is a world renowned communications company. It is famous for providing technological services and software. It has more than 10,000 employees all over the world and operates in 19 countries. The placement paper of Aricent comprises of many sections ranging from technical subjects like C, C++, Data Structures, and Operating Systems to unseen passage, simple English, quantitative and reasoning.

Division of the paper:

The whole paper is divided into seven sections. The total time given for attempting all the seven sections is 90 minutes.

Paper Pattern:

Each section has 10 to 20 questions. The total questions are 90. Equal weightage is given to all the sections. One first section is checking the verbal ability of the candidate and contains 10 questions.  The second section test students on their mental ability. It contains 10 questions. The questions in this section are related to cubes and blood relations. The next section is the analytical ability one and has 10 questions which are puzzles. The fourth section contains 20 questions from Data Structures and Operating Systems. The next is on C and C++ and have 20 questions. The sixth section is comprehension whereas the seventh one is on email writing.

Marking Pattern:

The test is conducted by a third party and so the marking pattern or any cutoffs are not declared by either the company or the third party.

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