Aricent Placement Preparation Tips and Placement Process


Aricent Technologies is one of the leading multinational companies in the World. It is one of the best IT consulting companies which provide the best networking solutions. It is a tedious process to get placed in this eminent company. Its placement process involves three stages of screening. In the first stage there is a written test and those who pass this test will have a group discussion in the next level. One who passes this level will have to face a stress interview. One who succeeds in all these three stages gets the opportunity of being placed in a wonderful company like Aricent Technologies.

Aricent Placement Test

The test comprises of 4 sections and the time allotted for the test is 2 hours. The 4 sections of this test are as follows.

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Decision Making
  • Algorithms and Data Structures Section
  • C and OOPS Section

Aricent Placement Group discussion

The candidates who come out successful from the first stage will have a group discussion in the next level. Generally the topics given for discussion will be related to real life problems. The candidate has to talk about the pros and cons of the topic given.

Arisent Placement Interview

The third and the final stage of screening will be a round of Technical and Human Resource (HR) interviews. In the technical interview the candidate have to face questions from core subjects as well as questions from the mini project, main project and also seminars. In the HR interview the candidate will be asked questions to check his personality and also his communication skills will be evaluated.

Aricent Placement Test Preparation Tips

The candidate has to start the preparation for the test from the first year of the course onwards, so that he will be thorough with all the sections. The candidate is recommended to cover all the portions included in the books of R.S Agarwal and S.Chand to be confident about solving even the toughest problem. For the technical section in the test the candidates must be sure that he is thorough with the programming section.

Aricent Placement Group discussion Preparation Tips

The candidates must be confident enough to talk in front of a group. For that they can organize similar sections with their friends prior to the placement process. The candidate should be clear in his way of expression and be sure that his comments won’t hurt other candidates. One important thing to make sure is that they should mention relevant ideas on the topic and be sure that they don’t baffle in front of the crowd.

Aricent Placement Interview Preparation Tips

The candidate should be thorough with the core subjects as they can expect such questions in the technical interview. There can be questions to check one’s personality, so be keen enough to judge the motive of such questions. The candidate should always maintain a great level of confidence through out the interview.



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