Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine Bachelor


It is another form of alternative medicine. It is very ancient medicine form which had its origination in India. It utilizes the five fundamental substances as the base of its creation. These substances include earth, water, fire, air, ether all of which compose the Universe, including the human body. Ayurvedic healing includes herbs, nutrition, yoga, jotish, Sanskrit, acupressure massage.

Course Outlook:

There are short terms as well as long term degree level courses in Ayurveda. Many institutes offer correspondence courses in Ayurveda. Short term courses include Ayurveda Panchakarma Training Course, Ayurveda Massage training course, Ayurveda Awareness Training Course. These particular degree courses of Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine is also offered in this subject. These courses teach students the basic ayurveda, massages, therapies, and the use of herbs like oils and powders for body treatment. The course includes theory as well as practical training.


A course of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine in ayurveda can be done by any person who has completed the higher secondary school certificate exam. As these courses are generally short term, they can be done by anyone who wants to get trained in the science of Ayurveda.

Job Prospects:

There is still a huge mass of population which has strong belief on the ayurvedic science. Many ayurvedic clinics have been established all around the country. The scope of ayurveda is good in western countries as well. The belief for the ayurvedic system has grown a lot in the recent years especially in the western countries.

Best Places to Pursue:

Government Ayurvedic College, Patna
Ayurveda and Unani Tibbiya College, New Delhi
Government Ayurved Medical College, Mysore
Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences, Bangalore



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    is their any ayuvedha courses can be studied with sslc pass what is the age limit for that

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    seewoosungker vidiasagur:

    sir just finished MD alternative medicine from IBAM can i request for a BAMS correspondence plz thanks

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    vivian vats:

    i am confuse about opting whether BAMS OR BDS…will u mail me individual scope in them..i want to know about subjects in it hindi &sanskrit in BAMS???????Please reply it.!!!with better sugestion..

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    sir/madam i got 7743 rank in eamcet 2010 medical test can i get a seat in BAMS reservation-sc and when counselling notification is given

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    i want to know that can a student. Who is from rajasthan state open board, do b.a.m.s.? Please,reply me

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    can i get direct admissino in BAMS without enterance test and without donation.

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    when start the entrance exam for MD i completed BAMS course.

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    can anybody practice after finishing this course officialy?