Bachelor of computer System management


Computer management system is the branch, under the computer education, which consists of tips and ways to manage functions of computer. Under the course of Bachelor of Computer system management, a student is taught various ways in which the functioning of the computer system can be managed. The function which is to be managed can be anything. It can be either security, or electricity or air conditioner etc. Anything that is controlled and managed by computer can be managed by the ways taught under bachelor of Computer management system. This course plays a very important role in increasing the efficiency of the computer’s operation, especially when it is meant to do heavy tasks.

One needs to be 10 + 2 passed in order to get in to the course of Bachelor of computer information management. The 10 + 2 passing certificate can be of any recognized educational board of India.

Course outlook:

The duration of the course of bachelor in computer system management is generally of 3 years. However many institutes offers the course with a duration of just one year only. In case of 3 years, the whole course is divided in to 3 parts of 1 year each. After every year, an examination is held which decides promotion of the candidates to the next part.

Job Prospects:

There are plenty of jobs for people with the degree of Bachelor in computer system management. One can get job in various private as well as public firms which need computer management. Also IT giants recruit these degree holders.

Best Places to Pursue:

Jadavpur University



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