Master of Computer information system


In this modern era, every field has a dominion of computer in it. With the advancement of technology, the knowledge of computers has also become an essential step. Hence computer education is becoming must day by day. The Computer information system involves a major and important part of the computer education. Various kinds of application and interaction of computer in studied under this subject. That is the reason that a Masters degree is offered in this subject. Master of computer information system involves study of various means in which a user can interact with the computer and can get various kinds of actions done by the computer. The command of the user can be given in various was and is to be made simplest, that is the objective of this subject.

One needs to be a graduate in order to get admitted to this course of masters of computer information system.

Course Outlook:

The course duration of the masters of computer information system is not fixed. It varies from university to university. In general it is a course of one year. After one year a test is taken which decides whether you will get the degree or not.

Job Prospects:

There are plenty of jobs in the market after the successful completion of the Masters of computer information system. Various kinds of companies whether it be private or public recruits people with this degree. Various IT giants like TCS, INFOSYS etc also recruits these degree holders.

Best Place to Pursue:

*Jadavpur University



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    sushant akanoji:

    Without complition of BCA can we do MCA.