Best Schools in Bangalore


The technological advancements made by the Bangalore city have helped in growth of the education sector. Education in Bangalore is considered to be one the best in India. Best schools are available in the city to address the education need of metropolitan population. Schools following CBSE, ICSE and state board syllabus are available in the city.

Schools in North Bangalore

  • TRIO WORLD SCHOOL - Trio World School has classes from Pre Kindergarten to Secondary School Graduation. It has Cambridge International Examination affiliation. The staff student ratio of this school is 1:6. This helps to give individual attention to the students.
  • Ryan International School - This school is affiliated to ICSE syllabus. It has classes from Montessori to Grade -XII. It runs schools in many cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon etc. Ryan Schools also offers Cambridge’s IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) & A Level examinations. Extracurricular activities include art, craft, yoga, karate, music, computers and dance.
  • Mallya Aditi International School – Aditi International School has classes from preparatory to Standard 12. It is affiliated to ICSE till 10th and ISC at standard 12. It provides counseling services to kids who have problems like learning difficulties, stress, emotional issues etc. Outside campus programmes are conducted by the school for the students which help in the overall development of the kids.

Schools in South Bangalore

  • Cathedral High school - This school is affiliated to the ICSE syllabus. It has classes from Pre- School to 10th Standard. It has playing area with the latest playing equipment for the K.G. children, a swimming pool, good basketball courts, a multipurpose gym etc.
  • SACRED HEART GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL- It is affiliated to the ICSE syllabus. It has classes from primary to high school for girls only.
  • A. S. C Public School - This school is affiliated to the CBSE syllabus. It has classes from 1st standard to 10th standard. It is one of the premiere institutions of Bangalore.

Schools in Central Bangalore

  • National Public School - This school has been ranked India’s No. 5 Day School. It has classes from Montessori, to 12th standard.
  • Aurobindo Memorial School - This School is affiliated to both CBSE and SSLC curriculum from 1st Standard to 10th Standard. For the CBSE curriculum, it is a must to study the four languages: English, Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit) until 8th standard.  Extracurricular activities such as yoga, arts, music and crafts are also mandatory for all students in elementary and middle school.
  • K L E Society School - This school is affiliated to the CBSE syllabus. It has classes from play school to 10th standard. This school gives sports coaching to its students. It has well facilitated lab, spacious play ground, van facility, hygienic classes, well equipped library, chemistry labs, biology labs and computer labs, secured transport facility etc.

Schools in the outer part of Bangalore

  • Jain International Residential School - The School provides World-Class infrastructure for sports in its campus of 160 acres. It offers Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi from Grade IV- Grade XII and Cambridge International Examination curriculum which includes Lower Secondary Programme (Grade VII), and IGCSE Curriculum from Grades VIII to X (‘O’ level) and Grades XI & XII (‘A’ level). The library is currently subscribing to 123 periodicals, covering all the subject fields and also light reading periodicals and newspapers.


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    sarath babu:

    i’m a newbie to bangalore and right now resided in bangalore….I just want to have your suggestions regarding international schools set out in whitefield for my 4 year old kid….Many of my friends suggested Inventure Academy, what’s your take on this???

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    Are CBSE 10TH STUDENTS eligible for IGCSE ‘A’ level and GCE A LEVEL?
    Is CBSE equal to ‘O level?

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    i live in kadapa andhra i want to join in 10th now in banglore .i don’t know kannada is there any school which gives option kannada language and can they take me on 4th june 2011 if any schools contact this number 9848074153