Difference between Government Aided School and Private School


A school is an educational institution where the students study under the supervision of a teacher. Even though the Government aided school and private school are the institutions offering education, the structure of the schools differs in many ways. Government aided school is an institution owned by a private management but the working in there is controlled by the concerned State Government. Private schools are the institutions fully owned and controlled by the private management.

Government Aided School

Government aided schools are the education institutions that are owned by the private management. But the rules and regulations followed here are same as that of the public schools. The curriculum, study materials, syllabus, examinations, etc. for each class of education are done according to the government rules. For the high school classes the final examinations will be same as that of the public schools. In these institutions the education would be provided for all students taking admissions there. The fee structure, PTA fund, etc will be collected from the students according to the rules formulated by the government for each school. Even the recruitment of faculties here will depend on the norms as per the government schools. There will be no specific criteria for the admission of students in these institutions.

Private School

Private schools are also the education institutions where the students obtain education under the supervision of a teacher. These institutions are fully owned and controlled by the private management. But these institutions are still subject to the government rules to some extend, especially in the monetary respects. Since these institutions are not government funded they should have limitations in the usage of financial components. The fee structure for the students may vary greatly from that of the government institutions. The students will be admitted here according to some criteria and its’ totally under the control of the private management. Some schools will conduct examinations and interview for the admission of students. These schools create their own curriculum and organize examinations for evaluating the student competency. Since there are limitations in the intake of students in each class, more attention will be given to each students and to help them to improve their studies.

Key differentiators between Government Aided School and Private School

  • Government aided schools are owned by the private management but the rules and regulations followed here are as per the government norms where the private schools are fully owned and controlled by the private managements.
  • The admission to government schools is open to all students without any specific criteria whereas in private schools the admission will be based on some specific criterion.
  • The curriculum, fee structure, etc in government aided school will be according to the decision of government whereas in private all those things are controlled by the management governing it.

Although the two types of institutions are the place undergoing education and owned by the private management, their work nature, curriculum, etc. differ in many aspects.



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