B.Sc in Industrial Chemistry


The course offers related knowledge in several processes in the Industrial Scale relating to the subject of Chemistry. The course offers a detailed study on the application of Chemistry in the Industrial field, especially concerning to the Petroleum based industries. The course at the under-graduate level offers high scale practical exposure to the candidates that suffice them ideal career opportunities. The course therefore allows ideal combination of practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

Eligibility Criterion:

The candidates who are interested in undertaking the course at the under graduate level have to attain a minimum of 45% in their 10+2 level. The candidates have to necessarily pass with the Science subject such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics.

Course Outlook:

The total duration of the course is three years divided into three paper. The length of each paper is about one year and the candidates have to pass each paper before they get promoted in the next paper.

Job Prospects:

The candidates who have undertaken the course explore career opportunities in several sector both government as well as private based. They get job in several Chemical Industries as well as Petro-Chemical Industries. The candidate can also explore the option of teaching and lecturers in several well established Institutes located all over the nation.  Research oriented programs also offer excellent career opportunities in the long run.

Best Places to Pursue:

Desh Bandhu College, University of Delhi
Sree Sankara College, Mahatma Gandhi University
Rajdhani College, University of Delhi



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    Arnab Patra:

    industrial chemistry

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    which is more better in m.sc-chemistry and m.sc-drugist

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    select atom that very reactive and give reasom?

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    does chemistry need to know about geography to know the earch element?

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    what is industrial chemistry study?