B.Sc in Dietetics helps in prospering the stressful life of the present generation


Dietetics is a branch of medical science which combines science and food related studies into an educational program. It aims to promote good health by managing nutrition and food. Currently, more and more people are becoming aware of improper food habits. This increases the scope of candidates with a bachelor degree in Dietetics. In this course, the candidate studies about the proper food requirements for the population especially eating habits for people depending upon their age, work routine, sickness, etc. Dietetics therefore aims to combine health, food and management.

After successful completion of B.Sc in Dietetics course, the candidate gets an overall knowledge to promote good eating habits through research methodologies. The course is aimed at preparation and selection of food services in many institutions and groups. They get training to elucidate the nutritional regimen for sick patients in the hospitals, for athletes in their physical training camps, for mountaineers on their expedition, etc. These candidates get trained on the nutritional value of each food item.

The lifestyle of present generation is varied and the overall culture is “fast food” style. With the availability of various technologies in the nutrition industry, the present generation can avail the desired food item easily without much effort. This has resulted in a complete change in food habits of the youngsters. The food culture prevalent among them is of concern to the health professionals as fat content in the foods is above the desired levels. Easy availability of non-nutritious and high-calorific food in the market and the fact that the stressed youth craves for them leads to obesity and other health problems. The work culture of common man has also changed completely.

Present day jobs are based more and more on computers, adding to the sedentary nature of work and lack of physical activity. Entrepreneurs are more using more of brain power rather than muscle power. The work culture is also stressful with deadlines to meet. Today’s work culture believes more on survival of the fittest. The traditional food habits are changing to fast foods. Due to all these the health of the present generation is deteriorating which has led to the new awareness on healthy food habits. The candidates completing B.Sc in Dietetics help the society by guiding the new generation about the appropriate food habits suiting their lifestyles. These dieticians can help their clients understand the various components of food items and also to counsel them about the balanced food habits. They can guide the people about the food stuffs which are harmful to health of an individual. They can inform the society about the role of essential vitamins, proteins, etc required for a healthy human body.

The poor food habits are considered as a global problem. Many educational courses are being structured to fight this problem. B.Sc in Dietetics in one of these courses. This course is a boon in the present day stress full life



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