B.Tech Computer Science or B.Tech Information Technology - Which course is better?


Many engineering colleges offer these courses as two options, though there is a lot of common topics in the syllabus. Let us look at some of the key differences between these courses.

B.Tech Computer Science

B Tech Computer Science is a 4 year long engineering course. This course is one of the most popular and in demand in the field of Engineering. B.Tech computer Science course will help the student to acquire an in-depth know how about computer science and its connection with engineering. B.Tech computer science student will get training in the areas like computer software and hardware.  B.Tech Computer Science students will have excellent foundation in the theoretical aspects of information and computation. The course will help to develop an excellent foundation as to adapt with new technologies and ideas. The B.Tech Computer Science have many sub fields like computer graphics, system architecture etc. It also has algorithms, software engineering, complexity theory etc.

Students who have completed B.Tech can always opt for higher education in the same fields or even in the fields of Information technology. B.Tech Computer Science graduates can get jobs in areas which involve software and hardware development. Some of the areas in which B.Tech Computer Science students can enter in to include,

  • Software Application
  • Support and Application services
  • Computer Operations
  • Programmers or coders

In brief, a B.Tech Computer Science course will help a student to get ample jobs and have a lucrative career.

B.Tech Information Technology

B.Tech in Information Technology is a bachelor’s degree which is awarded to students who have successfully completed 4 years of courses. B.Tech in Information Technology course basically deals with the learning of various industries which uses computers, networking options, various software programming etc.  It also involves study of other equipments and methods which will help to store, develop, recover, transmit and also safe guard the information. This course also covers various roles carried out by an IT engineer from the initial stages of installation of an application to the complex process of developing a computer network and information database.

After completing B.Tech Information Technology one can have many career options and job opportunity in the IT industry. Some of the job profiles include,

  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Networking Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • System Designer

Key Difference between B.Tech Computer Science and B.Tech Information Technology

B.Tech Computer Science course covers almost all theoretical areas in information and computation. The course will enable the students to enter in to the Software Application, service, Sales and Marketing, operations and even work as a programmer.

B.Tech Information technology mainly focuses on the study of the use of computers and telecommunications to recover, store and transfer information. This can be in various forms like text, images, sound, multimedia, etc. The B.Tech Information Technology covers mainly three fields like namely network administration, computer maintenance and programming.

Which course is better?

B.Tech Computer Science and B.Tech Information Technology both are engineering courses related to the field of computers, but have different application. An individual who would like to pursue any of these course have to get an in-depth understanding of the application and fields of both these course. It is up to the students to decide on which course is better depending up on the individual preference and career goals.



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