What are the advantages of B.Sc in IT than B.Tech in IT?


The B.Sc in IT as well as B.Tech in IT courses are offered by many Indian institutions. To join the latter of these courses, it is necessary for students to clear an entrance test. Those who clear the examination with good marks will get admission into the institution of their choice.

Both these courses have their own level of importance. This article will deal with the advantages of B.Sc in IT course over the B.Tech in IT course.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) B.Sc in IT:

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) is a graduate level course that is offered to students who have completed their class XII. This 3 year course involves the study of computer programming languages in addition to all the other necessary tools that are needed in the industry of information technology. In the B.Sc in IT course, students are taught more about the theory than the practical.

Bachelor of technology in Information Technology (IT) B.Tech in IT

The Bachelor of technology in Information Technology (IT) course is a graduate level course that is offered to students by professional engineering colleges. Here, aspirants are taught about all the tools needed for computer programming languages. This course has a period of 4 years, making it a total of eight semesters. In the B.Tech in IT course, equal importance is provided to theory as well as the practical.

Advantages of doing the B.Sc

The biggest advantage one has when doing the B.Sc in information technology course is that students will take less time when compared to that of the B.Tech course. This is quite obvious as, B.Sc is a 3 year program, whilst the B.Tech course has duration of 4 years.

But this advantage can be found only in the difference in duration of the courses. Those who are doing the B.Tech in IT will have the opportunity to get more prospects in career as well as studies. This does not mean that the B.Sc course has fewer prospects. The career opportunities as well as advanced study options available for these courses differ at times.

On other difference that can be said is that B.Sc IT is study about the scientific principles within IT while B.Tech IT is the study of the Technical principles. Many corporate firms take in aspirants who have a good scientific knowledge rather than the technical one. In cases as these, students of B.Sc IT have good career prospects. Those who like to go for advanced studies can go for the PG level programs in the pertaining fields.



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