Difference between B.Tech and B.Tech Hons


B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology is four years undergraduate degree that is evenly divided into eight semesters, with the length of each semesters spanning around six months. The course is completely dedicated for the reasoning as well as practical application of the knowledge that lay stress on the practicality rather than theoretical knowledge. The most primary part of the course is the practice based aspects along with several occupational placements.

Candidates that are eager to undertake this course have to be eligible enough to appear in several Entrance Exams that are offered by both Government as well as Private based Institutes. The candidates are meant to deal in different practical scenarios and thus they are implemented heavy knowledge based on the practical application.

B.Tech Hons or Bachelor of Technology (Honors), is also a four years undergraduate degree that is also divided into eight semesters, with each semesters spanning around six months. The course mainly deals in the particularity aspect, which is unlike B.Tech, the candidates can choose a particular subject of their choice in the final year, to study each and every aspects of the subject in full depth. Just like in Graduation honors, the candidate studies only a single engineering subject for the entire year.

Candidates have to appear for a Common Entrance Test, before undertaking this course. The interested candidates have to first clear out their eligibility criterion, prior to appearance in these Entrance Tests. Though there are few Engineering Institutes that offer this course, but it is generally advised to go for B.Tech Hons in comparison to simple B.Tech. However the choice to undertake this course is purely on the choice of the candidates. The course therefore deals in a particular engineering subject and not all the engineering subjects and thus therefore is more of importance.



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    What is the difference between B.Sc(Hons) in Electronics and Communication Engineering and B.tech in ECE

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    M Asim:

    excuse me sir can u tell me wts diffrence in bs tech and bs engineering i m doing bs tech aftr fsc thats right or worng i have got 46% marks in fsc

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