CBSE class 12 Business Studies Papers


Business Studies is a subject meant for Commerce students. Students who have taken up Commerce in class 11 have to study this Subject. The paper of Business Studies consists of 25-30 questions. A code number is present on the top right side of the question paper. Students are required to write this code on the title page of their answer-book. An extra 15 minutes is also given to the students for reading the question paper. They are not supposed to write anything on the answer script during these 15 minutes.

The Business Studies Question Paper consists of 100 marks and is of 3 hours duration. The whole question paper is divided into very short answer type question, short answer type questions and long answer type questions. There are 10 very short answer type questions. Each question carries one mark and is to be answered in one word or maximum one sentence.  There are five 3 marks questions and it is to be answered in 50-75 words. 4 marks, 5 marks and 6 marks questions are also 5 in number. The answer to the 4 and 5 marks questions are to be written in not more than 150 words and 6 marks questions are to be answered in about 200 words.

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