Chattisgarh Board, Class 12, Sociology Papers


Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education or CGBSE is the board of school education of Chhattisgarh which is responsible for conducting the annual examination of the board classes up to senior secondary school examination or class 12. The term Sociology is basically the study of society i.e. to know about the social life in which we are living. To study sociology, one must know about some basic concepts such as social structures (e.g.: family, education system, social divisions etc), social systems (e.g. social cultures, agents of social control etc), social issues (e.g., unlawful activities of the society and its affects etc). Therefore it’s important to have a sound knowledge of sociology to know our social lives better.

Sectional Division

There are basically three main divisions of the paper forming up three sections in this paper and all the questions are aligned serially.

Pattern Of The Question Paper

The paper is mainly divided in to three sections. The first section has ten questions which are very short answer questions and are compulsory to be answered. The second part or section of the paper consists of fourteen short answer questions and the marks division of the last two questions in this section differs from the other questions in this section. The third section contains six long and descriptive answer questions and all the questions in this section are to be attempted.

Marks Allocation

The total mark in this paper is one hundred. The first section of the paper possesses twenty five marks and the types of question that it consists are very short answer questions. The second section of the paper contains forty four marks and questions in this section except the last two questions are of three marks each i.e. a total of thirty six marks and the last two questions are of four marks instead of three marks, thereby summing up to a total of forty four marks. Section C is of thirty six marks, carrying six questions in all and each question carries six marks each. Together all the three sections sums up a total of hundred marks.

Time Duration

The time duration which is allocated for answering this paper is three hours.

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