Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12 Business Study Papers


Madhya Pradesh Board is the state Board of this state and has the responsibility of preparing syllabus for class 12 students and conduct Board exams at the end of the course. The Board exams are generally held in the month of March-April. The Board offers three different streams to the students i.e. Science, Arts and Commerce. The students who pursue Commerce have to study Business Study, where he gets to know about different aspects and things related to Business.

Outline of the paper

The paper is divided into two main parts, Part A and Part B, both of which are compulsory to attempt.

Paper Pattern

The pattern of the paper is simple. There are a total of four main questions in the 01st section, and candidates have to attempt all of the 4. These 4 questions are Fill in the Blanks, One word answer, Match the following, True of False. The second part is a bit lengthy and there are a total of twelve main questions, and candidates here also have to attempt all. But, each offer Internal Options, however the last does not, and therefore is offered in single format. It has to be attempted by the candidates, and is usually long answer based type.

Marks Division in the paper

The total marks of the theory paper are 75. The first part has 20 marks, with every main question offering a total of five marks and the second has 55 marks.

Time allotted for the examination:

The time duration of the paper is three hours.

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