DOEACC - C Level Digital Systems Design Papers


DOEACC is the acronym of Department of Electronics Accreditation of Computer Courses. This institution offers many courses in computers.  One of the papers that students of DOEACC have to take at the end of the course is C level Digital systems papers. This is a paper involving logic gates, flow charts, flip-flops and logic circuits.

Information on the subject

C level Digital systems design is a computer subject and is based on mathematical aspects like Boolean algebra, logic gates, truth table, logic circuits, flow charts etc. This is an important subject for those who are involved in programming.

Pattern of questions

The paper does not contain any sections. It consists of a total of seven questions. Question 1 has seven sub questions and all the questions are to be answered. This is a compulsory question. From the remaining six questions, the candidates have to answer any four according to their choice. Questions 2-7 have three sub questions each. The questions include definitions, Boolean expression, diagrams of logic circuits and gates, realisation of circuits and similar questions.

Marking scheme

The maximum mark allotted to the paper is 100. Out of the seven questions in the paper, the candidates need to answer five including the first compulsory question. Question1 consists of four questions each of seven marks. All the other sections consists of three sub questions each carrying six marks. Marks will be lost if the sub questions of a question are not answered in one place.

Time Allotted

The candidates are allotted a total of three hours for the answering all the questions as per the instructions of the question paper. The paper includes a bit of mathematical topics like Boolean algebra. The candidates need to make sure that they work out those areas at a brisk pace in order to make sure that they are able to complete the paper in time.

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    write the truth table and a Boolean expression for the following conditions:
    x is 0 if any two of the three variables are 1.x is 1 for all other conditions.