Cisco Placement preparation tips and placement process


Cisco is an IT services company which has a good reputation and is considered as one of the best IT companies to work with. The placement process of Cisco is very tough, which includes written test and interview. This selection process is carried out in this way to select the best candidates from the huge bunch of aspirants.

Cisco Placement Test

At first candidates will have to appear for a written test on for 1 ½ hour. The test includes

  • Aptitude test
  • C
  • Networking
  • Java
  • Digital electronics
  • OS
  • Data structure

The aptitude section includes verbal reasoning, Quantitative aptitude and critical reasoning. The questions are usually not simple and have its own level of complexity.

Cisco Placement Interview

The candidates who are selected in the written test will be called up for a round of technical interview. The interview is usually very lengthy which may last up to 1 hour. The questions are usually very technical including all basic fundamentals. Sometimes there are two rounds of technical interviews. A round of HR interview follows this. The HR interview is usually simple, where they explain about the company policies and other details.

Cisco Placement Test Preparation Tips

The written test will consist of aptitude test. This is the easiest part in the selection process. Candidates will have to refer to different aptitude books like R.S.AGARWAL or other competitive exam books. The questions are mainly based on pointers in C. The technical part includes the electronics and computer science, so it is necessary to have a good knowledge in basic fundamentals.

Cisco Placement Interview Preparation Tips

Once the candidate gets through these tests, the next step is to score well in the interview. For this, it is necessary to have good knowledge in basic fundamentals. They will have to face many technical questions. The technical interview is very tough and lengthy process. Candidates must also come prepared to answer questions from the Projects. The most important requirement is to appear confident in front of the judging panel. If the candidate is given a chance to ask any question to the Judging panel then try to ask some questions, which will show your interest towards the company. Finally, the candidate will have to go through the HR round. This round may include questions about hobbies, role models, strength and weakness etc.

If you want to score good in the Personnel interview round, the candidate needs to be very open and confident. Never try to be over smart in front of the panel. Humbly admit the fact, if not sure about the answer.



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