SAIL placement preparation tips and placement process


Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is one of the most reputed steel companies in India. This company recruits fresh candidates every year from different fields. Their placement process will include a written test, group discussion and interview. Candidates will be short listed in each stage according to their performance. Those who perform well all the stages will be selected for the job.

SAIL placement test

SAIL placement test will include five sections such as Technical questions, Reasoning and Mental Ability, General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude and Vocabulary. Candidates should finish the test within two and a half hours. Candidate can score one mark for each correct answer and lose ¼ marks for each wrong answer.

SAIL placement group discussion

Those who perform well in the written test can attend the second stage in the placement process. Second stage of the placement process will be group discussion. The topic for the group discussion will be given on the spot. Candidates should talk about the topic after making necessary preparations. Only a little period of time will be given for preparation. Communication skills and certain personality traits of the candidates will be tested during this stage.

SAIL placement interview

The final stage of the placement process will be interview. Those who have qualified in the second stage can attend the final stage. In this stage, the overall knowledge of the candidate in the concerned field will be tested. This interview will also test the personality of the candidate.

SAIL placement test preparation tips

Candidates can obtain several sample questions of this test through internet. They should start their preparations early with these questions. Candidates will learn to manage their available time by practicing these questions. They can refer R.S.Agarwal’s Quantitative Book to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude section. To perform well in General Knowledge section and Vocabulary section, candidates should read newspapers and magazines. They can refer many Reasoning books available to prepare for Reasoning and Mental Ability section.

SAIL placement group discussion preparation tips

As this is an interactive section, candidates should improve their self confidence. During their preparation, they should note down the main points related to the topic given for group discussion. If the candidates have enough confidence with those points, then they can take the initiative of starting the group discussion. The candidate who starts the group discussion will always get preference. If they have no enough confidence, then talk about their points later. If the candidates do not have any points, then listen to what others speak on the topic and develop an idea of the topic. Then they should talk about their opinion at the right time.

SAIL placement interview preparation tips

Before attending the interview, candidates should brush up their knowledge in the concerned field. They should be also aware of the company profile and the technologies used by it. They should be confident while answering the questions asked during interview.



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