Jindal Placement Preparation Tips and Placement Process


Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is one of the most reputed private steel companies in India. There are many aspirants who try to get into this company every year. It is a matter of pride to get a job in such a prestigious company. Their recruitment process includes four sections such as written test, group discussion, technical interview and HR interview.

Jindal placement test

Those who appear for the recruitment process of this company should first attend the written test. Total 50 questions will be asked in this written test having one hour duration. All the questions will be from the technical area. There is very less possibility for aptitude questions.

Jindal placement group discussion

Group discussion is only for the candidates who have been short listed from the written test. In this stage, there will be a group of candidates in each session and a topic will be given to them for discussion. Each person should speak about the topic and express their opinion. The examiners will assess how much they have tried to clarify their point. According to this assessment, they will short list suitable candidates for interview.

Jindal placement interview

There will be two rounds of interviews for the candidates who have been short listed from the group discussion. The first round is the technical interview in which only technical questions are asked to fathom the practical knowledge. The interviewer will assess the technical strengths by asking tricky questions. Those who have performed well during the technical interview will be selected for the HR interview. During this stage, a few technical questions will be asked along with the usual HR questions.

Jindal placement test preparation tips

Most of the questions asked in the written test will be from basic electronics. Therefore the candidates should be thorough with the topics that cover on the electrical and electronics section. They should read the important topics in that section and assimilate the key points. These key points will help them to answer the technical questions asked in this test.

Jindal placement group discussion preparation tips

Usually the topics which reflect the current trend will be given in the group discussion. Therefore the candidates should have a good idea about the current political and social scenario. Newspapers, magazines and visual media can help them to acquire as much information about these scenarios. The candidates should write down their points in a paper during the limited time given for preparation so that they can start up the conversation with their points. They should listen to the opinion of others if they do not have any idea about the topic. Then they should express their own opinion at the right time.

Jindal placement interview preparation Tips

The candidates should give answer according to what is mentioned in their resumes. They should be thorough with their projects undertaken as a part of their course curriculum. They should face each question with confidence so that they can answer any difficult questions. They should answer in such a way that the interviewer will notice their strengths rather than weaknesses.



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    yashvanth kumar.c.n:

    will jindal company hiers students from mechanical branch also,if it takes what are the subjects we have to concentrate for technical interview and aptitude.

  2. 2
    Binayak Goduka:

    If there is any law officer/law manager posts in JSPL? and what is the eligibility for the said post? and when it would be notified for recruitment?

  3. 1
    Dharmendra kumar madhuakr:

    when will jindal next vacancy will come for mechanical engineer