Delhi University, M.A. in History, 1st Year Papers


History subject deals with the events and occurrence of the past. These events are the ones that have changed the world and its features over the years. History subject was introduced earlier in the 19 th Century for basic course of Arts. Master of Arts deals with the proceedings and studies related to history, geography, philosophy, English, social science and humanities. Master’s course for history also includes some of the basic subjects and some of the contemporary historic events.

Paper Pattern

There are a total of eighteen question papers related to the first year of Delhi University, M.A. in History examinations and each of the paper has the same pattern of questions and its markings. The paper is not divided into any parts. There are a total of eight questions given in the question paper out of which the candidate has to answer only four. The makings are equally divided and set for each of the question papers.

Frequently Asked Question

The frequent questions asked revolves around the events that have related to various revolutions and movements that have occurred in the past which lead to the various changes on the face of the world. Questions are asked from various civilizations all around the world. Other subjects also give emphasis on the basics of their teachings.

Time Allotted for the Completion of the Paper

The total time allotted for the completion of the paper is three hours and the total marks for each paper is 75.

Recommended Books

There are lots of books recommended for completing the course of Master’s degree in arts for history subjects. Some of the good reference books are History books by Robert J McLaughin. Jesse Bryant Wilder also is one good book for completing M.A in History.

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