Delhi University, M.A., Comparative Indian Literature, 1st Year, 1st Sem Papers


Delhi University happens to be amongst the top-of-the notch universities of the country. Having said that it is not very difficult to comprehend the value-add which would happen to resume if you were a student of this prestigious alma-mater. Delhi University offers a galore of subjects and M.A. in Comparative Indian Literature amongst those has carved a special niche for itself. This particular course is divided into 2 years with 2 semesters each.

What Can You Expect In 1st Year, 1st Semester Paper

There are a total of four papers in the First Year, First Semester of the course. Each of the paper carries a maximum of one hundred marks and has been divided into two different parts, which generally includes theory and Internal Assessment.

Paper Description:

As mentioned in the previous section, first semester consists of a final written assessment at the end of the semester as well as periodical internal assessment all throughout the duration of the semester. The Internal Assessment is again divided into two different parts, called the Assessment as per given by the Department and the Assessment given by the College. Internal Options are offered in the paper and there some questions which are compulsory to attempt. The paper offers both short as well as long based questions, however the choice to include them or not rests totally with the person who would be writing the set of questions. Each of the paper carries its own credits, and candidates are awarded marks as according to the observed credit.

Marks And Total Time Allotted

Final exam carries a maximum of seventy marks, where as the internal assessment carries a maximum of thirty marks, 25 marks for the departmental assessment and 5 marks for the college assessment. The theory part or final assessment has a maximum duration of 3 hours.

Candidates should go through different previous years based question in order to secure a high marks in the paper.

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