Delhi University - M.A. In English 1st Year Papers


The University of Delhi offers the course of M.A in the English subject. There are a total of eight papers in the first year of the course and they are:

First Year, 01st Semester:

1.    Paper Eng 0101 English Poetry from Chaucer to Milton
2.    Paper Eng 0102 Eighteenth Century English Literature
3.    Paper Eng 0103 Literary Criticism 1
4.    Paper Eng 0104 Optional Paper (One of the following):
5.    Paper Eng 0104 (i) Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Drama
6.    Paper Eng 0104 (ii) European Comedy

Second Year, 02nd Semester:

1.    Paper Eng 0201 Shakespeare
2.    Paper Eng 0202 Language and Linguistics
3.    Paper Eng 0204 A course in another discipline
4.    Paper Eng 0203 Optional Paper (One of the following):
5.    Paper Eng 0203 (i) Literature and Gender
6.    Paper Eng 0203 (ii) New Literatures in English
7.    Paper Eng 0203 (iii) Romantic Poetry

Each of the paper carries a total of one hundred marks, and is divided into two parts, namely the Theory and the Internal Assessment. The Theory carries a total of seventy marks and has duration of three hours. The Internal Assessment has a total of thirty marks and is divided into two segments namely twenty marks for the Assignment given by the Department and five marks given by the College itself.

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    When intrance is going for MA IN ENGLISH FOR THE SESSION OF 2013

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    joy chakraborty:

    analyse the role and character of Volpone in Jonson’s play volpone ?

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    amit kumar:

    sir when the delhi university enterst exm for ma english

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    send me all key exames

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    Is it compulsory to score 60% to get chance to sit for jnu or du entrance exams in english literature.
    What type of questions are asked in jnu entrance exams in M.A. english and whats the format of question paper.could u enlighten me as well on the preparation strategy that i can adopt to make chances of getting through the entance exams more transparent.

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    Please download the previous year papers of MA (english) Delhi UNiversity 2nd semester. Examation will be held on 11th May 2011