Difference between a Physical Therapist and Physiatrists


A physiatrist is generally a physician with specialization in physical medicine & rehabilitation. In this era, the role of a physiatrist is really special as this specialty covers all age groups and the treatment deals with all the major as well as minor systems of a human body. They specialize in dealing problems with the musculoskeletal system. The specializations of a physiatrist include sports medicine, Pain Medicine, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Hospital Care etc.

The physical therapist is generally referred to as PT’s who are health care professionals and they deals with all age groups  who suffer from health related problems, injuries or illnesses that limits their easiness to move and to perform daily routine activities like other normal people. They examine the patient deeply and will develop a detailed plan using various treatment techniques to overcome their problems and help them to move & to perform like a normal person. They also conduct pre-programs to develop fitness among the individuals.

Physiatrists and job opportunities

Physiatrists are of great demand in daily life and have various job opportunities in both public organizations as well as private sector organizations. Some of the working fields of a physiatrist include the following.

  • Rehabilitation centre
  • Hospitals
  • Private offices
  • Independent practice

Physical therapist and job opportunities

The Physical therapist also plays a key role in this society and has a lot of job opportunities in various sectors including both public sector as well as private sector undertakings and the work area of a physical therapist include the following

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Private offices with special equipments
  • Independent practice

Key difference between a physical therapist and Physiatrists

Physical therapist evaluates the patients & does physical therapy treatments where as the  physiatrist oversees the medical treatment for patients suffering from health problems and makes necessary recommendations to choose which type of therapy they should undergo but they never perform therapies. They also prescribe medications.

About qualification, the physical therapists require a degree from an accredited physical therapy program where as a physiatrist needs a PhD (doctorate) degree

The salary packages of a physical therapist and physiatrists are also different. However both physiatrist and physical therapist have their unique role in our day to day life. Considering the services provided by the Physical therapist and Physiatrists in our life both the professionals are considered to be important in our everyday life.



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    hi! i want to know whether a physiotherapist can do the course of physiatrist after getting the BPT degree.

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    inibala devi:

    i m physiotherapist working under state medical dept manipur but my salary is just for a technician. How i can upgrade my post and salary.