Difference between a Postpartum Doula and Baby Nurse


Both the Postpartum Doula and Baby Nurse are the non-medical professionals who engage in the duty of giving care to the new born baby. Even though the two professionals are employed to carry out the same field of work, they differ in many aspects. Postpartum Doula focuses not only in the baby care but are also engaged in helping the entire family to adjust with new born baby. Baby nurse focuses entirely in the baby and also the mother care.

Postpartum Doula Course and Career Opportunity

Postpartum Doulas are said to be the non-medical professionals who focus in the baby care and also to train the family about how to adjust with the new born child. They are mostly hired by the family after the birth of a child. These professionals help the entire family by giving evidence based information. They provide care and support to the mother who has just given birth to a child. Their various duties in this stage include support the mother in infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery of them from childbirth, coping skills for new parents etc. Usually a postpartum doula’s work continues for six weeks after the child birth. To become a successful Postpartum Doula, one needs excellent training and experience in new born baby care and concerned issues. Some organizations also offer certification course in this field. However the experienced professionals are mostly required by many families.

Baby Nurse Course and Career Opportunity

Baby nurses are also the non-medical professionals who mainly focus on the baby care. They are trained extensively and experienced to give care for the new born child. They give training to the parents about their newborn child and help them to adjust with their child. These professionals usually stay with the family for few months after the child birth. Their primary duties include giving assistance during the post delivery recovery period and supporting the mother with all issues related to new born baby including, infant feeding, bathing, infant laundry, sterilizing bottles, etc. They even work in night shifts, often stay with child and give care to them while the parents are sleeping. To become a baby nurse they must pursue training in some certain fields such as child development, health and nutrition, child safety and accident prevention, crying and colic, etc. The remuneration for this baby nurses are based on their experience and performance.

Key differentiators between Postpartum Doula and Baby Nurse

  • Postpartum Doulas are the non-medical professionals who focus in baby care as well as to train the entire family to adjust with the newborn one whereas Baby Nurses are the non-medical professionals who entirely focus on the infant care, their feeding, bathing, infant laundry and related things.
  • Postpartum Doulas continue their duties for six weeks after the birth of child in a family whereas the Baby Nurses continue to work for a few months after child birth.

Although postpartum doula and baby nurse aims their duties in the same theme, their work nature and related issues differ a lot.



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