Pediatric Nurse - How to become a Pediatric Nurse?


A career of Pediatric nursing deals with providing medical care to infants, teenagers and children. These professionals can have an immediate role after pediatric physicians in offering medical treatment to patients. They also got involved with allied actions in pediatric caring such as measurement of blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, etc along with interpretation of X-ray and lab tests. The responsibility to code up the test results before conveying the same to the doctor also vests with Pediatric Nurse. Those who possess educational qualifications in the area of nursing and skills on children psychology can consider this as an apt profession. By gaining experience in the job, one can find enough career opportunities in India as well as abroad.

Qualifying Exam

The candidate has to pass the bachelor degree examination in Nursing in order to get in to the role of Pediatric nurse. To become a certified pediatric nurse, the candidate has to pass the exam carried out by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. In order attend the exam for the same, the candidate should gain enough work experience in the area. Work experience can be obtained by undergoing training at the pediatric department of a hospital or through other pediatric health clinics.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidates who have passed HSC course with Science as the main subject can apply for graduate courses in nursing. After acquiring the required qualification, the candidate can apply for entry levels jobs in pediatric section of health care centers or hospitals. This enables them to become a licensed Pediatric Nurse and to obtain a lucrative career in medical field.

Key elements in the process

  • Pursue HSC course with Science as the main subject.
  • Obtain graduation in Nursing
  • Obtain adequate experience through internship programs or by undergoing training in reputed medical firms.
  • Search and apply for the post of Pediatric Nurse

Skills required for Pediatric Nurse

Those who are interested in offering medical care to children, infants and adolescents can consider this an appropriate profession. The candidate must be sympathetic, caring and open minded to do well in the profession. Good communicational and personal skills are often preferred for these candidates. Stress and emotional management skills are also desirable for the post of the same.



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