Difference between an Auditor and Accountant


Auditors are licensed professionals who verify the accuracy of the pecuniary statements of business establishments or companies, so as to make certain that there is no misstatement in the fiscal report thus prepared. On the other hand, Accountants are concerned with maintaining the books of accounts, as per the Board financial strategy. They also have to make financial statements at the end of a financial year on the transactions made by the company through out the year.

Auditing Courses and Career Opportunities

Candidates have to study the Chartered Accountant program so as to work as an Auditor. In India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India offers the CA program. Those who have done IRCA certified auditor-training program can as well become auditors. IRCA offers various programs like foundation, internal auditor, lead auditor and conversion auditor programs. On completion of the auditing courses, these professionals can look out for career in pecuniary institutions, manufacturing sector, insurance companies, baking sector and so on. Most of the auditors carry out private practice, as it is more lucrative.

Accounting Courses and Career Opportunities

Many Universities and institutes all over the world offer the diverse courses in accounting. A graduation in Commerce or related fields is the pre-requisite criterion to become an accountant. Postgraduates in Commerce can expect senior most designations in the Accounts Departments of companies. As accountants carry out their daily tasks with the help of a computer, they should be proficient in computer basics. These professionals should be familiar with software packages like MS Word, MS Excel, Tally and so on. Accountants mostly work with banking and insurance sector, Airways, business establishments, and so on.

Key differentiators between an Auditor and Accountant

  • Accounting is a practice of recording, preparing and maintaining the day-to-day financial dealings of a company whereas auditing deals with assessing and scrutinizing the transactions so prepared.
  • An auditor continues the work of an accountant so as to make it error-free.
  • Accountants are concerned with keeping track of the expenses and income incurred to individuals and organizations whereas Auditors ensure whether the accountants have executed their tasks honestly and accurately by checking their records.

Although auditors and accountants are financial professionals, their educational backgrounds and area of employment varies to a greater extent.



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    anil singh:

    which posts are more lucrative bank po or Auditor in respect of income and bright future

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    I am about to leave my service as assistant in SBI and enter in another prestigious job as auditor in the office of CAG and the post allotted to me is principal accountant general in Kolkata. As such, I want to know the gross salary, kind of job scope of promotion and about outstation transfer, if any in future.