Difference between BBA and BSBA


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a three year undergraduate program that will help you enhance your business education with practical focus. However some programs allow students to complete their degree in short period of time (about 1.5 to 3 years).

BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) is three year undergraduate program that allows you to enhance your specialization in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with science background.

These programs focus on both business operations and management skills. Now a day it has became a trend to emphasize on technology along with course. In BSBA along with accounting, marketing, management etc, some core subjects like physics, chemistry, English, mathematics are also taught; which is not in done in the case of BBA.

The present era has great demand of these degrees, as it provides business skills with technological support. This degree provides excellent preparation for employment and acts as a foundation for a wide variety of careers such as accounting, actuarial science, computer information systems, economics, finance and financial management, human resources management, insurance and risk management, international business, marketing management and supply chain management.

The main aim in BBA is to prepare you for planning, preparing and controlling the system of a Business Organization. It comprises accounting, financial and marketing management, insurance, entrepreneurship and venture development, sales, information system management etc. However, the BSBA is more oriented towards the scientific control of business organizations.

BBA opens up a wide range of opportunities for the students in management, employee relations, financing, policy development, business writing, business software knowledge, leadership etc, and so does BSBA, but still then the approach of both the courses are different. Both focus on different angle of the same subject.

Irrespective of their wide differences, both the course offers the students a wide range of jobs and career prospects in the market. There is ample scope of growth and one gets plenty of platforms to rise.



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