Difference between BBA and Integrated BBA plus MBA


BBA and Integrated BBA plus MBA are undergraduate level courses intended for students who have completed their intermediate class studies. The eligibility requirements for both the courses are the same. The students who have completed XII class studies with 50% marks are eligible to apply for both the programs. Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a three-year course that offers adequate interpersonal and business skills to aspirants. The course duration of the integrated program of BBA plus MBA is 5 years. Those who pursue the course are benefited with the combined effect of graduate and postgraduate program. The possible differences between both the courses are illustrated below.

BBA and Opportunities

The bachelor degree program of BBA is offered by several Universities in the country. Upon completion of the course, one can pursue master’s level courses in management or can try for employment in any of the business firms. The candidate has to go through certain entrance exams in order to pursue master’s courses in management. Higher educational qualifications increase the chance to obtain a lucrative job. The main employment areas for those who have completed their BBA program are mentioned below.

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Consultancy
  • Consumer Durable Companies
  • FMCG
  • IT Companies

Integrated BBA plus MBA and Opportunities

The combined course of BBA cum MBA is offered by few colleges in India (when compared with BBA course). The course study allows the candidate to get specialized in any of the areas of HR, Marketing, IT, and Operations. Upon completion of the course, the candidate can have ample career opportunities in their interested field itself.

Key difference between BBA and Integrated BBA plus MBA

The course duration of Bachelor of Business Administration is 3 years where as that of integrated BBA cum MBA course is 5 years. Since the course duration of BBA course is less it is much cost effective when compared to the integrated course. The chance of getting a rewarding job is much higher in case of integrated BBA cum MBA course when compared to that of BBA course. The reason for the same is that integrated course offers a lot of specializations when compared with the former one.



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