Difference between Company Secretary and Chartered Financial Analyst


Even though company secretary and chartered financial analyst work in the same field their work nature and job profiles differs a lot. Company secretary is very important to an organization or corporate houses, since they advise the board members and directors to efficiently carry out their responsibilities according to various laws. Chartered financial analyst manages the financial matters in an organization.

Company Secretary

The company secretary job is one of most prestigious and respected job among the society. The range of services carried out by a company secretary is very wide. Actually their work will depend on the size of the organization in where he/ she are working with. It will also be based on the type of activity that the particular company is engaged. A company secretary is most important part of a company who advises the board directors and concerned members to efficiently carry out their responsibilities according to various company laws. They act as a link between the company, board directors, governmental and regulatory agencies, stakeholders to handle different issues of the company. A company secretary carries out their functions in many areas inside the organization such as legal administration, finance, personal division and accounts. They are also required to handle many other issues related to central/ state sales tax, labour laws, corporate laws and excise laws. To become a professional as company secretary one has to pursue training in the company secretary courses. The course includes three stages – foundation course, intermediate course and final course. Candidates have to clear all these stages separately. They need really good dedication and hard work to perform well in their area.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst is a professional who are mostly required by the employers for the senior positions to carry out various responsibilities in a company. Their responsibilities include securities research, investment management and financial advisor roles. The job of a chartered financial analyst is very prestigious job that will increase their value and prospect as a financial professional. Most of the CFAs begin their career as executive trainee in the financial sector. Once they have gained experience in this field they can move up the ladders to high position jobs. The CFAs perform in various areas such as financial management, financial accounting, investment management, security evaluation, venture capital management, management accounting, etc. They will be responsible for making final decisions in these areas and it will be based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of relevant data. To become a CFA, one should undergo a training programme in CFA which includes three rigorous examinations. Candidates have to clear these examinations. The course is offered by the ICAFI.

Key differentiators between CS and CFA

  • Company secretary are the professional who manages the various functions in the company based on the company laws whereas the Chartered Financial Analyst manages the financial matters of the company in which they are working.
  • Company secretary act as the link between the board directors of the company and various governmental or regulatory agencies whereas the CFAs make the final decisions in many areas based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of relevant data.
  • Company secretary’s job also includes the management of financial matters in addition to the administrative laws whereas the CFA’s job only includes the functions related to financial management.

Although the Company secretary’s and CFA’s job sound similar, their work nature and responsibilities differ in many aspects.



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    Rajesh Roy:

    i m B;com graduate pursuing MBA in finance want to do some other course in future like CA,CS or ICWA to make good carrier in core finance field, but these course are very tough and i will have to give full time for my preparation and this is not possible for me becoz after completing my MBA i will join any company…………….so please suggest me which course will be better for me so that i could give enough time.
    can i do this course by self study…………..??