Difference between Financial Analyst and Financial Advisor


Investments play a key role in the field of business as it is the major source of finance for the company. Individuals also invest money to save their income for the future. Financial Analysts and Financial Advisors are the professionals who guide the client in the matter of investment.  Financial Analysts collects the financial details of the company and analyze it to find out the growth of the compny. They give suggestions on investment based on the reports prepared from this analysis. Financial Advisors give advice to the individuals who want to plan for their future. They analyze the financial situation of the individuals and suggest a best way to invest their money.

Financial Analyst and Opportunities

Banks and Insurance companies provide ample career opportunities for the Financial Analysts. They can look for many job opportunities in fund management firms. These fund management firms manages the mutual funds, trust funds and pension funds. As these firms mainly deal with investments, financial analyst can perform key role there. Stock brokerages offer better job opportunities for the financial analysts as they can advise the clients on buying or selling their stocks. They can find out the value of these stocks and decide which one is better for making profit.

Financial Advisor and Opportunities

Most of the Financial Advisors work independently with their own consulting agency. They give advice to the individuals on which financial security is better for investment.

Various financial service providers offer the job of financial advisor for efficient commerce graduates. Asset Management companies often hire the service of Financial Advisors. Financial Advisors can also work in Investment Management companies on part time or full time basis. They can work as Personal Financial Advisor and give advice on the financial assistance available for education, business, building home etc.

Key difference between Financial Analyst and Financial Advisor

  • Financial Analysts give financial advice to the companies while financial advisors guide the individuals in finding better investments.
  • Besides an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Commerce, Financial Analysts should have trained qualifications in accounting and statistics. But Financial Advisor needs only graduation in Commerce and thorough knowledge about latest investment options.

Even though Financial Analyst and Financial Advisor give advice on financial matters, Financial Analysts performs more important role than Financial Advisors as they work for bigger clients and one is a analyst function and the other is an advisory function.



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