Difference between BA and BFA


BA and BFA are both kind of undergraduate degrees awarded in the field of arts. BA stands for Bachelor of Arts and BFA stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts. Although both the degrees are considered to be the same, there is a one fine line which differentiates these two degrees, BA is a much generalized degree and BFA is much into professional sphere. 

BFA revolves around certain fields in the performance genre like music and theatre; whereas BA is a degree given for faculties like humanities, theoretical science and education. However, a degree in BA can also be awarded for certain and definitive performing arts too. While a degree in BA is considered more flexible, the same cannot be said about a degree in BFA as it is considered to be more rigid.

However, in BFA you are exposed to a lot of practical classes, which is not possible in BA, as it comprises more of general classes and lectures. Unlike BFA, BA is much into academics, rather than participation in performing arts, and you would hardly have any practical classes. You can also say that BFA involves more number of studio-oriented sessions and classes. But, technically speaking, course curriculum and study format are not that different but yes they differ from college to college and university to university.

As already emphasized above, Bachelor of Arts or BA is only awarded for generalized programmes, whereas Bachelor of Fine Arts is awarded in explicit fields like direction, acting, specific music, specific dances and similar other related activities.

As regards the job scenario is concerned, irrespective of what degree you possess, you would need to have an engaging dossier. A well-rounded portfolio with your experience and critical thinking is all what you need and you would be off to a flying start.



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    Arvind kumar:

    what is BFA and whats opertnunty after bfa in painting

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    Chinmay K:

    Can I do MFA after BA with fine arts?

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    Dinesh Chand:

    kya BFA degree course DU Correspondance se bhi kar sakte hai.

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    govt college for bfa

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    sumit kumar:

    hello everyone myself sumit.I am doing final year of B.COM.please tell me various mater degree courses in the field of excise,custom and taxation