Difference between MBA (Master of Business Administration) and PGPM (Post Graduate Program in Management)


MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a post graduate degree course of two years which helps you to excel your knowledge about business. It will help you understand the complexes of business better than others and run any business. Many institutes or business schools also avail shortened version of this course which is of 1 to 1.5 years.

PGPM (Post Graduate Program in Management) is also a post graduate program having course duration of 11 to 24 months. This is a program which provides only a certificate which will show that you have successfully completed a post graduate program of that particular institution. This program will make you understand even the minor components related to management which runs any business.

The only and main difference between MBA and PGPM is that students come to MBA to learn business and in PGPM they learn about the management.

In MBA and PGPM almost same subjects are taught with same objectives. They even have same fashion of teaching.

If any student wants to go for even higher studies such as doctoral degree then students who have successfully completed their MBA can involve himself with that program. But in the case of PGPM even if the employer sponsor you or higher studies in management, you cannot go for it.

Students having MBA degree can get a job as a marketing advisor, financial advisor. They are required to build certain strategies for the marketing of any gods or services of any organization. They also have to deal with clients explain themselves whereas the main motive of postgraduate program is to develop such managers who have comprehensive knowledge and are capable of giving their best from first day.

Students who are interested in doing MBA or PGPM have to successfully complete entrance exams which are conducted by various institutions. Students having minimum of bachelor degree are only eligible for these programs.



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    please send sample question of MBA

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    hellow sir am paramaivam am doing MBA form B-School ISBM indian school of Business Management there r brovid MBA like Master in Business Administration & UG Course Like BMS(Bachlore in Management Studis) this certificate valid r not i had this dought pls help me they menstion (in) Master in Business that so?

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    anil kumar:

    at right now i am pursuing in BBA(H) 4th semester and i want to take self industrial training .
    So please guide me that how can i get a self industrial training in the reputed company with marketing stream in the kolkatta or new delhi .
    please mention the name of providing company or institute with contact numbers.
    thank you sir…..

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    sandeep talekar:

    i have a question that i want to do post graduate diploma in finance management from welingkar institute is it good to do from welingkar. how it beneficial to me in my future please helm out.