Difference between MBA and M.Sc in Management


Management in Business Administration, generally abbreviated as MBA, is Post Graduate based degree that relates to the study of business administration, and its various aspects in the detailed form that include subjects such as Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Corporate as well as Business Strategy. The most famous exam through which candidates are selected to study the subject of MBA in India is CAT or Common Admission Test. Though there are other exams too, such as MAT or Management Aptitude Test, XAT or Xavier’s Admission Test, etc.

The subject is taught in different Institutes, the prestigious of which are the groups of Indian Institute of Management or IIM’s. The degree can be held by any candidate that have attained their Under-Graduate degree and can belong to any discipline, even appearing candidates can apply. The course is mainly design to offer exposure to different streams such as accounting, financing, marketing, etc. The course can be referred to as a scientific approach to the subject of Business Administration. There are different kind of MBA based courses such as Full-Time, Part-Time, Distance Learning, Executive, etc.

M.Sc or Master in Science in Management is also a post graduate level degree and relates to business as a subject in full scale and does not concern in any particular subjects but shed lights in different aspects with equal concentration and importance. These types of degree are very common in the United States as well as different European Countries.

The course of M.Sc in Management is similar to the course of MBA, and also requires a thesis before completion of the course. However in different Asian countries, it is recognized as M.Phil. The course covers different subjects that include, Engineering Management, Managerial Accounting as well as Management in Finance, Organizational Behaviors, Management Theory, Human Resources Management, Information systems based on Management, etc.



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