Difference between Molecular Biology and Microbiology


The analysis of life at the molecular level is called as Molecular biology. Microbiology is the study about micro-organism like bacteria, microbes and other germs that are invisible to the eye.

Molecular Biology Course and Career Opportunities

Candidates who aspire to join the Bachelors degree (B.Sc) in Molecular Biology must have a pass in class 12 with Physics and Biology in addition to Chemistry. After finishing graduation, students can either go for research or higher studies. There are many career opportunities available for students who have finished their course in molecular biology. Numerous institutes of research as well as firms that are related to molecular biology employ students of this field. The initial salary of candidates will be as much as Rs. 15,000 a month. Professionals of this field have a remuneration of around 30, 000 each month.

Microbiology Course and Career Opportunities

Students who would like to join this course must be graduates in the related field. Those who desire to apply for the postgraduate program must have a pass in B.Sc with Microbiology or Life Science. Students of Microbiology can find jobs with chemical industries, research organizations and laboratories in addition to agricultural and healthcare research firms. Hospitals as well as beverage and food manufacturing firms hire professionals of microbiology too. The remuneration of the candidates will differ according to their qualification as well as experience.  The initial salary of students will be as much as Rs.10, 000 – Rs.15, 000 a month. Candidates who have an experience of 2 – 3 years may earn as much as Rs.10, 000- Rs. 20, 000 each month. Aspirants who work on a variety of products will get a monthly income of Rs.12, 000.

Key differentiators between Molecular Biology and Microbiology

While molecular biology is about the study of organisms and its life processes at the molecular level, Microbiology is concerned with the understanding and relations among the numerous systems of cells like RNA and DNA in addition to the biological amalgamation of proteins. In addition to this, microbiology is generally about the study of the immunity of the body of a live organism or immunology.



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