Difference between Petroleum Engineering and Polymer Engineering


Both the Petroleum engineering and Polymer engineering are the specializations in engineering field. Even though the two professional fields are in the same area, there are many differences between them. Petroleum engineering is the significant field in engineering which is concerned with the manufacturing of crude oil or natural gas and related products. Polymer engineering is also the engineering specialization that involves various aspects of polymers and production of useful products from the polymers.

Petroleum Engineering Course and Career opportunities

Petroleum engineering is a subfield in engineering and is an important field compared to others. The field is concerned with the manufacturing of various petroleum products such as crude oil or natural gas. The trained experts working in this field are called Petroleum engineers. Their responsibilities mainly include the search for resources and processing of crude oil. They have to find out the resources where natural gas and oil are available and figure out how to extract them from the resources. They use various methods to extract the oil and place the resources in storage containers.

These professionals decide the techniques and equipment that should be used for drilling. Also they supervise the employees performing the drilling procedures. To select the proper technique and equipments, the petroleum engineers initially carry out test on the sample from the reservoirs. After evaluating the samples, they design the procedures and choose the tools that will deliver maximum profit from these extractions. Some of the petroleum engineers are also involved in the research works and improve the new technology to produce more oil and natural gas at the same time to lower the concerned economic issues. The graduation course in petroleum engineering opens a wide range of job opportunities for the interested candidates.

Polymer Engineering Course and Career opportunities

Polymer engineering is also an engineering specialization which uses the principles and knowledge in chemical engineering to manufacture useful products from various kinds of polymers. The field covers many aspects of polymerization, properties of polymers, structure and categorization of polymers, petrochemical industry, composition and processing of polymers, etc.

The polymers engineers are the trained experts who utilize the different principles of plant design, thermodynamics, transport phenomena and process design to create new products. Their duty also includes supervising manufacturing procedures of plastics and other kinds of polymers. The plastic molders’ and technicians perform the shop floor production process under the administration of Polymer engineers. The use of polymers in different forms is increasing day by day and the demand for the experts in this field is also increasing gradually. Thus a candidate can get into a lucrative career by pursuing graduation in polymer engineering or related field.

Key differentiators between Petroleum Engineering and Polymer Engineering

  • Petroleum engineering is a specialization in engineering that is concerned with the manufacturing of petroleum products whereas Polymer engineering is the engineering field which uses the principles of chemical engineering to produce new products from polymers.
  • The petroleum engineers search out for the resources and develop the methods to extract and produce the allied products from petroleum whereas Polymer engineers utilizes the thermodynamics, plant design, process design, etc. to develop the new products.

Although Petroleum engineering and Polymer engineering are the subfields in the engineering area, there exists lots of dissimilarities between them.



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