Applications of Chemical Engineering


Application of chemical engineering is mostly in the hands of a chemical engineer. Chemical engineer is the one who develops profitable ways of making use of chemical materials and chemical energy other than the chemist who may show interest in this field. Petro chemicals, medicines, plastics and many other materials are made by using the combination of chemistry and engineering in many raw materials available.

Chemical engineering is also used in managing waste and other research programs. The application of chemical engineering is in many fields mostly used in controlling pollution, conserving resources and creating new ways of production from chemicals. Chemical engineering techniques is applied in Construction and designing of chemical plants all over the world.

About Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering deals with all technological aspects and activities where chemistry is used along with mathematics, computer science, physics, and biology. Combining with this it is used for the welfare of the society and the people. Welfare of the people means utilizing the chemicals for production of many products and chemicals like medicines etc for the people.

Chemical engineering course an overview

The chemical engineering courses have been considered as a course of vast Job opportunities. The course consists of designing of chemical plants, installation of these chemical plants, Pharmaceutical plants and similar industries. Chemical engineering course also covers the technologies used in the chemical industries like mineral industries, petroleum industries, synthetic fibre industry and in petro chemical industry.

The courses offered in the chemical engineering field are B tech / BE in

  • Polymer Testing
  • Polymer Synthesis
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Polymer Technology
  • Polymer Processing
  • Petroleum
  • Refining
  • Fertilizer technology
  • Processing of food & agricultural products
  • Synthetic food
  • Petrochemicals
  • Synthetic fibres
  • Coal & mineral based industries
  • Prevention & control of environmental pollution
  • Development & improvement of processes
  • Design, construction, operation & management of the plants

There also MTECH and PhD programmes in the above mentioned fields.

The opportunities for candidates after completing chemical engineering course are wide when compared to other degree courses that are currently there. Many candidates go for research and management in this chemical engineering field and obtained MS and PhD in this field. When compared to many other fields’, chemical engineering course have more doctoral holders than any other engineering field. The degree from this C E field is considered as a stepping stone to many other professions like medicine, law, Sales or Marketing and teaching. Nowadays candidates opt for management degrees after completion of the graduation course in chemical engineering to get jobs in management fields.



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